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Someone else felt like it would've been better if they made a ~12 ep series instead of a movie?
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No, considering the movie is 2 hours long that's roughly the equivalent of 6 episodes. I couldn't imagine it being twice as long and this is coming from someone who read the manga and knows what they cut. Probably 8 episodes max is fine.

I actually imagine the initial storyboard to be longer and they had to trim some things to bring the run time down to 2 hours. A director's cut version for this would've been great
hmm, I think I should've read the first.
they rushed and removed so much...it felt incomplete for some reason

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Do you like the sea?
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Love Live would've been better and more popular as generic haremshit.

Come at me.
It's true.
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I want to go to the sea!
>male MC

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PV Soon....
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Reminder that Akko harasses Diana and will glomp her
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This is the cutest girl.

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>I always have Sensei's original manga next to me for reference.
What did Toyo mean by this?
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How is Cabba gonna teach her SSJ?
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How can one successor be so fucking based?
He'll call her a faggot until she transforms

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Missing piece, come back here
It’s not the end
Leap past the end to the sky at the beginning
Your destiny is infinite
The one who does not give up
Will recall the shine to a idle flower
And can become hope
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I want to fuck a Korean Boy.
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Read the guide before asking any questions

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Something about her hair looks very wrong to me, especially the lower parts.
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I don't see it
Don't you just want to squeeze those chubby cheeks

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>Can't get a hack to finish his LN series
>Delay after delay after delay
>Get another hack to replace him
Why is this allowed?
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Because LNs are a shitty disposable medium made solely for money.
Who's the cunt in that series?
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>I don't need salvation for me who am absolutely anti-youth boy.

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Speed Duels were a mistake
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Let. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel-Links basically got an anime adaptation.
>still watching dragon ball Z the card game

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When is Kazakiri going to come back in her angel form and teach Aiwass a lesson?
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She and Aiwass have the same power source so she just needs to steal the esper drain that keeps him summoned.
>doing anything other than being another weapon for Aleister
Where is she anyways?

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Why didn't Robin tell Luffy that Sabo is alive? Or anything about his father, for that matter?
She spent two whole years with the Revolutionaries after all.
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koala a cute
Are they lesbians?
They asked her not to.

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Last threads:

Hello again guys, here's the sketch of what we have so far. Any suggestions for new characters to be added must have an image and position for him/her.
Since we have more characters than slots now the priority must be organization. If you think a character is in the wrong place just request for it to be changed, if nobody disagrees with your request, it will be changed.

In the end of the last thread we hada big discussion about Homura's position and I think the majority of us agree with her position now.

About the S100/D0 character, do you guys think Munsu should stay there or should we change him with the boy from grave of the fireflies/angra mainyu?

Remember that this image is just the sketch, I'll post how the final version is looking like on the 2nd post
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5444 (4)-min.png
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I couldn't find a good pic for 5-8 characters Because I didn't know their names
If you have a better pic for a character just link me it and I'll change
Draw a red line above those characters in paint, I'll help you.
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Change Diavolo. The current pic looks really weird.
(3rd from top left.)

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This trap is sad because he has no screentime anymore.
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First for Ayame being best girl
I can't watch Boruto. The pacing is terrible. They don't give you time to digest anything. I think they're trying to cover up the uninteresting story and characters by moving things quickly.
Wow why is Sasuke so cool

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Eren mindbreaking Reiner soon.
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Riener is a push over for eren, all he does is get his ass beat.
Do you think Gabi ever talks to Reiner about how she wants to be a great warrior when she grows up, inherits the Armoured titan and kills waldian fucking shits, all while Reiner can only put on a fake smile and cries on the inside?
>put on a fake smile and cries on the inside?
Yeah that would seem like something he'd do. full of regret and whatnot

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best fusion.jpg
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>dick touching
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If Vegeta can never shut the fuck up about his Saiyan pride, Saiyan heritage and being the Prince of All Saiyans, why did he never use the dragonballs to wish planet Vegeta and its inhabitants back? Or even planet Sadla for that matter?

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It's Thursday, time for some Kaguya.
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Kei chapter when?

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