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>Name your manga Kiss x Sis
>Make sisters irrelevant in manga called Kiss x Sis

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yeah they sure do look irrelevant
They do if you actually read it
This is still going on? Did they finally fuck? Are there any lewd chapters I should check out?

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>You can't make a good anime entirely out of dick jok-
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The back right girl looks like a dick.
Green hair?
She's a tranny, and the ending of the show involves her giving away her balls to the white-hair guy, who is impotent
Who are you quoting? Nobody has ever said that.

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Too good for that world.
And nothing of valuse was lost, mahou shoujo is the worst genre.
Mamika a cute

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ITT: Shows that got worse and dropped in quality after a time skip.
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The final timeskip in Rakugo
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Seed was bad

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speaking of gundam, build fighter was fun and exciting. the only thing try got right was the girls.

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>Goku wants to see how much stronger Frieza can get
Has Goku officially lost it?
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Goku never had it to begin with
Frieza is more of a good guy than goku at this point
Is your soul being purified when you're in Hell? So when resurrected, is he going to have a little change of heart?

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>165 cm (5'5")
>57 kg (126 lbs)
How can /a/ even compete?
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I will compete with my dick.
By not being a manlet?
>shinka thread just dies
>spam a new one right away
>you do this shit daily
You got some issues

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Miki Sayaka may have made some mistakes but she's still a good girl at heart. Please don't be too hard on her.
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I'd like to be hard "on" her. If you know what I mean. I think you know what I mean.
I think she's the cutest and most interesting character after Homu. It's a shame the new movie won't have her as the main lead.
Sayaka is the cutest after Kyoko.

Thank you for your purchase.
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Yeah, so, can we head to the bathroom for this, or do you want to go to a motel?
Y-You too
I-I was going to ask a smile but you already gave me one.


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I am curios what the general opinion is of this okish show.
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BD/DVD where?
The most unoriginal shounen show you can get.
Benio is a miracle of the universe.

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A cute crab, just for you.
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why do you care so much about a character? she will never love you back
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Thanks man.
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right back atcha

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Surface level shows you will never watch.
Pic related, the entire jojo series.
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OP here

mom kicked me out... gotta find a place to stay for the next week
How'd you know
have you tried prostitution?

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You Can't
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she's a female ogre and therefore an ogress

NOT a girl therefore you are wrong
Wish fulfillment character. Also clingy and obsessive and not quite right in the head. Also still in a coma. Emilia is better.
Because Priscillia would make me be her princess (Male)

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Play with her anon.
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But I'm terrible at basketball
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Don't worry, Rin's good at all sport.
I volunteer to be her personal towel boy

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What do you think about this boy?
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Saya is a good girl but Hotaru is even better.
coffe is for fags, milk alone is better
Saya - best girl
Hotaru - breast girl

I know I'm a bit late to the party but...
I thought this movie was great. The entire two hours were quite emotional for me. The main characters were great, the set up was great, the animation was great, the acting was great, and the story was very compelling.
I heard some complaints about how the movie "victim blamed", and though I think this definitely wasn't the intention, I can see how some found this an issue nonetheless. Objectively speaking, the theme was probably the weakest part of the movie. Not that it was a bad theme or that it wasn't developed well, but I felt the theme kept getting a bit confused with itself.
Seeing as a lot of people have claimed "Kimi no Na wa" to be as good if not better, I'm quite looking forwards to seeing that, as well as what Kyoani does with their next series, "Violet Evergarden".
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>being secondary
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I also really liked everything about it. I like how they cut the ending with Shouko going away for no raison.

The only part I didn't like was when they cut Sahara cock blocking Ueno by taking her seat next to Shouya on the rollercoaster.

I also didn't like how Mashiba never punched Shouya, but, as they cut out the back stories of Vol 6, I can see why. If they left that in, he'd have looked even more like a psycho than he did anyway.

Ultimately, I think they just should have cut him in general. I really liked Shouko and Ueno's moment at the festival.
I watched this as well tonight, I liked it a lot.

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