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Is this really a practical ability?
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Dunno, being immune to fire because you learned to control it seems pretty practical.
Have you ever felt like cooking would be easier if you could just stick your hand directly into the pan and move things directly? Well that son of a bitch can do that without fear of burns.
was the moustache of fire really necessary?

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Tell me your lies /a/...
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We are all little girls here!!
I think you're best girl!

i like muslims

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Man, this kid just gives no fucks.
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I dropped this, and can't be assed to find the chapter I left off on.

Did he ever manage to bathe in money?
Didn't he do it in one it the early chapters? The maid saw him.
have been following this manga since the first chapter; never have I ever hoped more than this chapter that the (web?) novel is translated

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Is GJ-bu the thinking man's harem?
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I wish we could have gotten a second season or spin-off, it was really comfy.
It's not a harem's job to make you think, it's to tease your dick.
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baka couple.png
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No, that would be Ichizon.

Am I the only one who wants to squeeze tamako's underage mochis and get some of that cute JC cunny?
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You sound like an actual pedophile.
you ever think about what you type before hitting the submit button
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Has this thing got to the point nobody knows what it means?

What did you think about Arakawa, Anon?

Why is Nino so cute?
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It's shit.
It was a masterpiece until towards the end
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Hey guys what do you think about Araragi Koyomi?
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I want to shave his head bald and lick it for hours.
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That's a little bit g-g-gay anon..

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This is where new masterpieces will be brewed.
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I hope so, KyoAni owes us something watchable
It looks like an apartment. Their other studio looked more respectable.
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KnK, deafu, not bloodu, was amazing.

Are you exited for season 2?
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I exited before season 2.
New doujin on panda, in case there's someone who hadn't figured it out yet.
Vulvas are too puffy in that doujin.

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Thus ever to waifu trash.
She could be alright.

One of this things is not like the others.
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Makoto is the only boy
Who's that handsome lad on the bottom right
Anal queen

Tetsuo vs Madoka vs Ideon

Who wins?
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>God Battle
There is no god.

Only God Gundam

>says he is a warrior of honor
>comes to ambush the Witch's house with the other apostles
>boasts about his mighty strength and taunts Guts over his
>has only ever fought Guts when he was tired/wounded
>the minute the fight doesn't go in his favor he turns into his apostle form
>still couldn't win and had to retreat
>couldn't even get through a dying witch's fire

Why do people think he's cool again?
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>Why do people think he's cool again?
People think he's what?
>Why do people think he's cool again?
Greetings, traveler from beyond our universe. In this dimension, nobody thinks that.
Grunbeld has a neat design - that is widely agreed upon; but, I do not believe that many people think that his actual 'character' is cool.

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I see people talkin about Naruto, JoJo, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Death Note and others, and they're really good but... ANYONE HERE HAVE WATCHED ARSLAN SENKI? Man, that shit is incrible...
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Lurk for two years before posting, newfag.
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Denka is a miracle.

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put a bra on kale
why is this whore topless
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