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What the fuck am I watching?
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Looks like Toeishit.
I have nostalgia for yellow subs
I don't get the irrational hate for them. They stand out more and ease readability. That's just objective fact. White subs would have blurred more with her socks just in this shot, for example.

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ITT: Smiles worth protecting
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Why would anyone bully this?

Kyoani is done with TV shows. Probably VEG will be their last one.
How does make you feel the fact that every announcement from now, will mean you'll have to wait even 2 years to see it?
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Good things come to those who wait.
Can we, expect a Phantom World movie?
Citation needed.

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I really dislike Tintin, his presence in the story questions if Deku is worthy of OfA and his strength is raising the powerlevel.
He is a swell guy and I would gladly hang out with him but he is bad for the story.
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That's because you know that the only reason Decu "deserves" One for All is clich├ęd shonenshit reasons and realistically speaking Nirio would be indeed a far better candidate. In fact, 9/10 heroes are a better candidate.

"M-muh purity of heart" is not a good reason to give someone powerless a ton of power, and there are in fact many actually good stories about why that is.
Oh wow an unexpected good post in an unlikely thread
Exactly what I thought, we already have too many weaklings getting OP with external forces MCs. I guess self inserts are too strong.

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The OVA is so fun, light hearted, and comfy.
Is there any Info for TV LWA ?

>Inb4 the TV LWA is already out

Thats not the Official TV LWA you dumbo, that is just meh LWA fananimation created by meh writers & directors.
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LWA TV is a reminder that great animators cannot be great directors. Yoshinari directing was a mistake.
How is he supposed to get better if he doesn't practice?

The plot twist is even make TV LWA Worse because LWA supposed to be a lighthearted Anime, not Clannad tier depression with Hellsing edgyness Anime.

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What the fuck am I watching, seriously, it's a fucking loli and... looks like WWI but... they can fly and... oh fuck
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Fuck off cancer.
Enjoying your first anime?
Why would it be my first anime?

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Over Justice is now in the last anime you watched.
How awesome is this?
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Inferno Cop was shit.
fund it

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>mfw re:zero season 2 will never happen
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>No re zero episode today
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Why don't you take a seat?
Thank fucking god.

The fact that that shit is actually getting posted on /a/ is already a fucking disgrace.

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Does /a/ read Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou? It's a comfy hidden gem.
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I'm about to
Read a couple of chapters, rather enjoyable.
Part of /a/.

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Post them
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The age of lolicon is upon us.
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>thumbnail has bluish hair
>becomes silver when maximized
What kind of sorcery is this?

Ro-Kyu-Bu was so good. Can't wait.
>past few years the anti-loli brigade gained strength
>they tried to squash us with BBC documentaries and legal precedents
>Japan responds in kind by producing more loli
>more loli anime and hentai out this year than in a long time

All hail the new golden age of lolicon

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Why don't you go to 7/11 like your friends from evangelion?
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But I do? Every day, in fact.
I only go there for Krispy Kremes.
Japan 7/11 is a MILLION times better than USA 7/11.

Japan 7/11 is fucking based.

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What would have happened if Altair pulled out Saitama or at least that world's equivalent of Saitama?
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Someone pulls out Yukari and she rapes Saitama
What happens if Saitama punches himself?
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Why are there so few vampire anime?
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Vampires are boring.
It isn't 2008 anymore
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>that mangaka never did come out with his new series

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Would Madoka be better if Sayaka wanted Madoka for real instead of Kyousuke?
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It'd be better if the characters were realistic and acted like people actually act
Why is Sayaka so straight? She ruined the entire series.
That is never the case in any anime.

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