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Who is the best waifu this season?
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Thread is already kill
>seasonal waifu
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Did they really needed to do this? Isn't she like 12?
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You can see her 12 year old juices leaking out if you squint a little.
looks like a slut
>Isn't she like 12?
That's the best part.
No old hags allowed.

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So we're all in agreement that Humans are completely justified in committing total genocide against all Ghouls right?

There isn't even a choice in the matter, these are creatures that cannot control seeing humans as anything more than food. Even the ((good)) ones who don't kill but just eat corpses are still breaking major taboos for humans. Who wants the knowledge that your son or brother committed suicide and then to add insult to injury some creature mangled his corpse until it was just a stump with organs?

I mean would you trust your kid with one of these cannibals? No they should be killed down to every man, woman and child.
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Ehhh, there's no reason that humans and ghouls couldn't come to an agreement where dead bodies are provided for ghouls on the condition they don't kill anybody, and those ghouls that don't obey are hunted down and turned in by their own kind
Very few societies are actually comfortable with that kind of agreement though. The vast majority of people don't want to know their corpse or that of a family member will be eaten like a ham.

Hell we spend thousands of dollars just to make sure our corpse is preserved for the brief time before we bury them in elaborate coffins.
yeah I guess I dunno

tokyo ghoul is just a waste of space though. utterly mediocre, felt like a knockoff of parasyte

>When he shows you the benis
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Remember the /a/nons who got triggered by this scene?
It was not fucking funny even as a joke. You never make fun of a man's dick.

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How come allot of anime seem so fixated with nerds and otakus as main characters? How come we never get to see a meat headed jock get sent to a fantasy land with a water goddess or having to babysit for a demon lord? Is it because jocks and bullies are just not likable or are nerds just easier to write? They just seem so common in comparison. Or maybe I'm just a normie.
Pic sorta related.
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>How come allot of anime seem so fixated with nerds and otakus as main characters?
Easier to relate to
What's funny is, 18 years ago, Isekai which involves NORMAL PEOPLE were common. Case and point, Those Who Hunt Elves.

The main guy is literally a perverted Jock.
Fuck off

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So why haven't you carved a pentagram on your forehead yet, /a/?
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So how long until the arc where he loses his magic pentagon?
>Magically coercing women into liking you
I'd rather die alone.
my friend carved this forearm once. he thought it would bring his cool edgeness, but it just made him look like a retard

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elfen lied.jpg
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ITT: Good anime that /a/ hates on just to be contrarian
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Do you also like Paramore and Shadow the Hedgehog?
enourmous cocks anonymous part 3
>Shit voice acting in both languages
>Needlessly edgy contrasted with almost comically stupid "muh amnesia" plot
At least the opening was really fucking good

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I can't tell if this is disappointing or hilarious.

Probably both.
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Neither. It was business as usual. I expected nothing from Gouki ripoff.
Of coursh!
Can anyone still be disappointed by OPM? The whole point of the series is LMAO ANTI-CLIMAX. It's the entire cornerstone of the series.

Never have any expectation of a satisfying ending and just go along for the funny jokes. People who take this series seriously are retards, and it's extra-pathetic because most of the actual fanbase seem to think it's something other than a gag comic.

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Senpai didn't listen
Do you think he was at least thinking about something interesting?
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shit chapter
Did senpai fall into Jun's fist?
This series is so garbage now.

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It isn't. It'll disappear as another in a long line of advertisement anime that didn't even really standout;
I couldnt even finish it even though I thought I really liked it at first
Dullahan was best girl, or rather the only good girl at all
S2 When

Had more romance development than most romance genre anime

What was it about Ryoko that sparked so much interest? She definitely jump started my puberty, but I just can't put my finger onto why she's so appealing.
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The party attitude along with the constant flirting/hornyness and her voice of course.
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You have 10 (ten) seconds to name ONE anime this season that was better than Eromanga-Sensei.
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There are none.
tsuki ga kirei

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Just finished this show and really enjoyed it (although I enjoyed Steins;Gate a bit more ) but holy fuck screw this guy he is the true villain the MC should go back and un-save him fuck that guy. You don't do that to your friend
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Satoru's goal wasn't waifu. His goal was to have a successful manga. I fail to see the conflict of interest.
>Just finished this show
And that's how you can spot a liar with his pants on fire on /a/.
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Airi was always the endgame girl you dumbass.

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There's tons of cg in that new caterpillar movie of his
He's always right.
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>Studio Trigger may actually make a patreon
Who the fuck would even think that would be okay? Have people not been paying attention to how bad crowd funded shit can get?
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>Have people not been paying attention to how bad crowd funded shit can get?
they literally had the most successful crowd funded anime ever.

now you look like a fool.
and it was such a disappointment
So what's the pateron page for this time? Funding more projects? Merchandise?

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