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Do the Japanese pirate most of their anime like we do, or do they rely mainly on DVR recordings and Blu-rays? I can't imagine having to buy multiple Blu-ray volumes just to watch one series.
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Majority of the Nyaa userbase is japs.
They stream on niconico.

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>Funi going after illegal streaming sites.
> It's most likely Kissanime
> Streaming fags BTFO
> Non-Americans getting BTFO

The Jews have finally made their move!
After all this is said and done this won't effect me at all, and I hope it rekts some of these annoying ass new anime fans.
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So what do you guys think?
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>not supporting all forms of piracy

I always thought goboiano was some economic site.

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Is this the biscuit hammer author?

Girl in the back is dead as fuck.
yes, now go read everything else he made if you haven't already
>Satoshi Mizukami will launch a new manga titled Nihonmatsu Kyōdai to Mokuzō Keikoku no Bōken (The Nihonmatsu Siblings and Wooden Valley Adventures) in the magazine on June 30.
>(Note: The romanization of the title isn't official. The title could also translate to The Adventures of the Nihonmatsu Siblings and Keikoku Kizukuri.

>The title could also translate to some English and some Japanese because even though we're translating the title, we're only going to translate part of it.

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I started this show a week ago and I keep on being left dumbfounded by the show most of the time.
What are /a/'s thought on the show?
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Lum was my first anime crush.
What's there to say? It's a classic Rumico anime, but gets old after the 3rd~4th season.
Ran. Best Girl

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what did they mean by this.webm
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70s Anime & Manga Only Thread
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>not a single post
Is the Devilman anime worth watching? I just read the manga and it was the coolest thing ever
The TV series is mostly its own thing with a little foundation in Mao Dante and some characters from the Devilman comic.
It's a fun series if you don't treat it as an adaption.

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New chapter fucking when?
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Will bitch sama try to kill Iori?
probably next week
i totally expect them to get together at some point

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Why are HorribleSubs so fucking shitty? Do they think they can get away with it because their name implies they are bad?
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>Americans are so dumb they think "poplar" is spelled "popular"

You don't even hear it in the word when you say it
>Why are HorribleSubs so fucking shitty?

They're called HorribleSubs
>if I name my subbing group "HorribleSubs" then nobody can criticize me!

this shit doesn't fly

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How do you feel about Togashi refusing to make female protagonists?
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Name a better tournament arc.
Protip: You can't
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dark tournament
The one in Nanatsu no Taizai.

What's happening to me, /a/? Ever since the latest episode, every time I see a picture of Elf, my heart starts to beat faster.
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>There's as much Sagiri +18 fanart as there is all kinds of Elf fanart overall
Good to see that despite /a/'s rapidly degrading taste, Japan still has their priorities straight and is going to give me what I want in the next Comikets.

A cute bestelling author is better than a bratty shut in.
>A cute best selling author who is also bratty
Didn't flavours of the same shit
At least Sagiri isn't aggressively in your face.

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I have an erection
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Why cant japanese schools hire cleaning staff
Is this porn?
pure sluts

I fucking hate tournament arcs, especially the ones where there is the "you can't le kill your opponent XD everyone must be happy and have fun fighting!" fucking pandering fest for power level faggots, this is why the Dark Tournament is the best tournament arc ever
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Try not to cut yourself with that edge, kid.
I like them, they give matchups that wouldn't happen outside of a tournament.
like my boy george lucas once said, visual effects without story is just boring
the same can be said to fights without consequences

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Is this worth reading? If not? what is anymore..
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I see
This, I would participate just to fuck her all the time.

Wait.... If Archer says that the events from his war happened differently, then that means that he's from a totally different timeline and killing Shirou wouldn't even change anything. Wtf was the point of his tantrum then?
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I think Saber kind of mentioned that.
Because it's his only hope of maybe ending his suffering
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It was just an excuse to vent, he's a moron.

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post cute mass-murdering robots
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>post cute mass-murdering robots

Small time, bitch
Not Anime or Manga

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