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Dark Past?
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Which Bahamut would be the best fuck?
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Celestia obviously.


How about no.

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Why does this guy complain so much if he's part of the problem?
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He's a grumpy perfectionist who can't accept that the world will always be stubbornly mediocre.
Because it's easier to blame someone else. Even if he is/was talented, Miyazaki prefers to complain about the anime culture.
Deciding to quit the industry when you think it is doing badly is a bad decision and participate in making it worse (still understandable as he is now pretty old), but when he was active, he wasn't part of the problem he so many times talked about. Not that he is perfect, though.

I just wish /a/ would leave this gentleman alone.

ITT canon sluts
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This doesn't look very pure to me

Why did she like old men so much?
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Because the older a man becomes, the more his face resembles a vagina.
Handsome old men.
It's called good taste.

Who's the second hottest anime villain after pic related?
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She's cute but not really hot.
This movie was fucking garbage I remember renting it back in the 90's and it was complete utter shit.

Wow, this manga is fucking based.

Why is no one talking about it?
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edgy series for edgy teens who listen to metal music.

Used to be talked about alot, but later fell off the face of the earth for some reason. Probably where the Hero King was fucking his 90+ harem.
What subgenre of metal?

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WTF 2 RIN???!
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Imagine a threesome with them and they're trying to fight for your dick.

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Why doesn't this have an anime yet?
I thought it was one of the most popular isekai?
It doesn't have any typical dumb isekai shit like <Skills> and <Cheats> so /a/ should like it right?
Legal loli sensei >>>>>>>>>>>>> tsundere > childhood friend
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The story is unadaptable, you'd need a full 2cours just to get through the prologue.
>The story is unadaptable, you'd need a full 2cours just to get through the prologue.
This is true for the majority of LN series and yet they do it anyways.
>they use the manga

Why are western girls in animu always some unearthly beautiful supermodels with everyone freaking out about them when they as much as take a walk in public?

I thought nips were nationalistic.
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Because they find them exotic
And nips (and Asians in general) are frequently shorter than Westerners so a tall grill would definitely turn more than a couple of heads
All heroines in anime are extremely beautiful girls, not specifically foreigners

But in anime western girls are usually shorter than japanese ones. They love tiny girls.

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Which Megaman is best to you?
I grew up with NT Warrior so I will always go with that.

BTW why is Tribe really hard to find? I lost all my data on my old 2TB and I can't seem to find any torrent sites with it. If you can help I'd appreciate it
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>BTW why is Tribe really hard to find?
You mean why is stream so hard to find right?
I don't stream cause my internet is always so shit where I live. I mostly torrent if I can. That's why I bought a 4tb
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I meant Megaman Stream

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>wanting your waifu to get foot cancer
That image really has everything
It's missing Bestia

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HAHAHAHAHA, oh man, we finally get female super saiyans and they are lesbians, /a/ must be so conflicted, but i can hear /u/'s collected heavy breathing from here.
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I'd a lesbian space monkey.
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They are so cute i cant help myself

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>new chapter translated
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>ice queen

God save us all

How was this guy not drowning in pussy until he started tutoring?

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