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This movie is the definition of all style no substance. It looks nice, but the story is an absolute condensed mess that lacks focus since the cast it too bloated and doesn't allow proper development for Shoya and Shoko. I tried to give this a fair chance, but it's clear that this should've been a TV show instead of a movie.

This is a textbook example of wasted potential, and the fact that there are people on this board that are unironically saying that this is better than Kimi no Na wa. is just laughable. I knew that KyoAnifags were delusional fanboys, but this is just pathetic.
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>another pasta for the list
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Gordon Ramsay: HEY! KYOANI! C'MERE YOU!

KyoAni: Y-yes chef?


KA: I-it's our adaptation of Koe no Katachi chef...

GR: Koe no Katachi... A seven volume manga. Did you remember to cook it to 2 cours?

KA: W-we thought it'd be better if we shortened it down to a movie chef.



KA: W-we thought it'd be better to trim the fat off the story chef.

GR: Oh bloody fucking hell! It needed less fat trimmed off than Lindsay fucking Lohan! WHAT ABOUT SHOYA AND SHOKO'S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! HOW ARE YOU GONNA PROPERLY ADAPT THAT IN A FUCKING MOVIE?!

KA: W-we decided to show more scenes of the other secondary characters to make fans happy chef.

Actually it's really good

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I actually started this to fap... but now i have a doubt. Is this the best ongoing sport manga?
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Kill yourself anytime
kissmanga is 10 chapters behind.

Batoto you fuck.

ITT: Choice your slut
I choice Zest
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Maria is mine
The sisters.

Anyone else is for plebs.

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Is Mamare-sensei working on the 11th volume of the novel?
Is there a place where i can get info or where he talk to his fanbase?
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How do you know it?
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Log Horizon Akatsuki 2.jpg
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Author is still in prison. I hear he'll get out in two years if he behaves well. After he's out, it'll probably be at least another year or two before he can get back to writing books.

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Why is Casca so loud and aggressive?
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Because she's a cute cinnamon roll whom I want to be protected by.
>cinnamon roll
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Don't worry, she stops being loud and aggressive after the Eclipse arc :^)

God dammit Moguro, this was fucked up.
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Meh, it's mean, sure, but on the "fucked up" scale, it's not all that high compared to the other shit he's pulled.
Most of his other victims at least had some kind of simple fault that he exploited. This old man's crime was nothing other than being lonely. He didn't deserve this at all.
>this is by the same creator of Doraemon

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Why haven't you read Bokurano?
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Is it better than the animu? Then I might.
It's significantly better.
Then I shall.

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"What are you thinking, Anon?"
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pounding you in that positions right there
Who are you?

I wanna fuck Choukai!

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Is she dead already?
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Hopefully yes
Is Keniki still alive? stopped follow this like year ago
He is, he's the one in the picture
I think he will die eventually, though

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Subs when?
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never ever
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Delayed until tomorrow.

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Do you ever sympathize with evil characters?
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Not at all because they're mostly dumbfuckers. (Of course there is exceptions)

>muh my mum died
>muh I had a sad life
>lets kill everyone
sure, although its mostly at what led them to be evil - not their actions after

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Is this the worst fanbase on /a/?

>"muh hxh is a seinen and not a shounen"
>think they're superior even if hunter x hunter only has one good arc and the rest is shonenshit
>1999 fags are mostly hipsters
>2011 fags are mostly newbies who think Madhouse is still good
>manga fags are retards who think it's not the same thing as either adaptation
>all have a sense of superiority

Everything about them is cancer.
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I think it's above average for a shonen, personally. Rehashes a bit too much of Yu Yu Hakusho, and there's hardly enough focus on the other two main characters.
Gon also doesn't really get interesting as a protagonist until the Greed Island arc where you see that he's actually fucking crazy.
>muh hxh is a seinen and not a shounen

Actually, we just appreciate the moral lessons HxH teaches to youngsters instead of all style no substance garbage like Boku no Pico Academia and Attack on Nudist
>making another HxH thread
Kill yourself already.

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>O-Ousen-sama, c-can we talk about that battle plan a-again

What is the madman thinking?
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>tfw shits poppin' off in your favorite manga
I hope Keine lives
I'm sure everything will be just fine

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>Sorry for being a bit late, Anon-kun. Where are we going for our date? Surprise me!
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sup mugi
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Ritsu NTR-ing Mio
File: goodbye.png (592KB, 564x403px)Image search: [Google]
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This isnt a date, you whore. We're taking Steve to rehab for his coke problem. The intervention failed. Hop in the van outside so we can see him off.

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The NTR is real
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Slut-chan will share!
She became a three kingdom nerd just ofr gakuto.

How can he refuse ?
It's not out of her own interest though. Mitsuko loved it before she met him.
Hope they end up as a glorious ménage à trois tho, Slut senpai is too good to lose

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