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Any news on the translations? Last one I saw was 28. Made in abyss thread!
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Will bunny cunny win the Regbowl?
Did the new chapter come out? Someone was thinking it would recently.
Nanachi is not for lewd!

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Who is reading this? Who is your favorite gemgirl?
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I'm not sure about that, but Adamant is my favorite gemman
Those are all dudes...
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Is anyone even watching this show at this point?
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I lost interest and dropped it, unfortunately. I only watched it for the angel Aoyagi, but he isn't getting much screen time.
Still gotta finish s2 inter high, that shit is dragged out like nobody's business.
I am. but im rooting for Hakone

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Slut poll 2016.jpg
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Who would you nominate for 2017?
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Where's 7
why would there be a 7 if there's two 6s? Dumb night battler.

I want to marry and raise a family with Emily!
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Fake slut
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Sagiri won.
I want to shave her head bald and lick it for hours.

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Sakurauchi Riko is for lots and lots

>and lots and lots

and lots and lots

and lots and lots (and lots and lots) of kissing cuddling and handholding.
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Were you thinking of trains when you made this post?
Reminder that Riko Sakurauchi's pussy was made to take dog dick.
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I love how she goes from little girl desu to grown up woman kashira

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Hopper didn't die for this
Bath-House Owner was based as fuck in the last arc
jack spinoff show when

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Can 14 be beat?
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no but my meat can be
No, 14 is the magical number.
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Why is Griffith so hated when literally anyone would have done the same thing in his situation?
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Because /a/ fools themselves to think they're above anyone so they try to claim the moral high ground.
The problem isn't his decision during the Eclipse, the problem is his decisions up until that point starting with when Guts wanted to leave were all fucking moronic.

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Someone posted some student fan animations of Berserk online. They're pretty crude, but for what they are, they're not bad.

Can't wait for the animated adaption though. It's gonna be great to see the storylines past Golden-age properly animated with a nice budget and high quality animation!
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tippity tippity.webm
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Needs a lot of work though. They'll never pass for professional if they keep this up
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>Those textures
>That fade

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Is this really what Japanese cuisine looks like?
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Only in WcDonalds.
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I don't get it
The green ones are called edamame, they are nice for starters.

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So what do you guys think the new Biyori project is? What are you hoping for?
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I'm hoping to marry Hika-nee.
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>not nee-nee
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A cute and comfy adventure.

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Correct answer below:
F:fuck the everloving shit out of Raphi repeatedly
M:marry Vigne
K:kill Gabu
HP:head-pats for Satania
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Fuck Haniel
Marry Vigne
Kill Raphiel
Headpat the frog
Fuck Gab
Marry Satania
Kill Vigne
Head pat Raphiel
Fuck Gab
Marry Satania
Kill Raphiel
Head pat Vigne

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End of Evangelion is the Greatest anime movie of all time. Very few anime/movies/ books stick with you days months or years after you experience it. Anno is a fucking mad genius!
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TV ending was better
Did the whole earth's population get tangified, or was it limited to japan?

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How would you pitch a good horror anime, /a/? There have been attempts but over all these years there still hasn't been a good one. I think the confines of episodic storytelling and animation make it super hard to the point of impossibility.
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sol anime about middle schooler girls in nagoya, only there's something unsettling in every episode
one of the girls' brother shown walking around the park at night, garroting people, one time a person makes an inhuman noise and has green blood seeping out of it's mouth, guy makes a puzzled face and walks away
same guy shown off scene having sex with his sister
another girl seeing creatures in the dark whispering constantly

just generally everyday life showing horrors lurking inside it, I think it's more unsettling than "scary clown/monster chases tourists in a forest"
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I recently read through The Girl from the Other Side, and it's probably the only manga that actually made me tense up while reading it and feel some dread.
Hard to pin down what works for it, though. The art style and unknown mystery are probably the big two reasons.
So if you're going to pitch something, you need it to have a non-uguu traditional style, develop the characters in a way that you actually care about them, and don't blow your load on the mystery of what's happening. Don't get too chatty and just explain everything, because that takes away a lot of the teeth of horror.
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First season was better than anything Hollywood made in years. Not that this is an achievement of any kind.

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