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BLAME Chapter 12.jpg
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Tokyopop translation was good, and nostalgia-googles inducing but the image editing was real shit
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Are you actually being surprised at digital rips looking clearer than paper scans?
I think he's saying that because Blamefags will cry about the lighter tones and insist it was better darker. Just like they insist Nihei was drawing faces badly on purpose.
It's one of the reasons why retards think BLAME! was full of black ink

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I have come to realize that Tsunderes are okay as long as they're actually hot with a great body, not like those usual skinny flat chicks.

What are /a/'s opinion on them?
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Add osananajimi, perfection.
Shit taste, best tsundere are always the flat ones, nobody cares about cowtits.
I like all tsundere, because all women are just tsun around me so it gives me false hope.

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Why do japanese think all foreigners shave?
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Disgusting shaver trying to corrupt their bushes
Trimmed > Hairy > Shaved
I'm >>158130138 and I have to add that by wife I meant my gay nigger boyfriend. We both have aids but it's a very fulfilling relationship.

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Fuck off idiot.

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By drinking.jpg
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>wake up
>Nyaa is still kill
How do you cope?
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By not being a faggot and using all the alternate tracker sites out there.
I cope by entertaining myself.
Anime is just one of many options on the path to nonexistence.
I'm legally compelled to warn you about my sharp edges.

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Detective Conan.jpg
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Series that need to go on forever.
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Haibara bestgirl
Nah, Momiji is, followed by Masumi and Rumi. Haibara is mid tier.

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Isn't this anime a bit too deep to be considered a shonen?

I honestly can't see the average 14 year old that creams his pants over Boku no Hero Academia and One Piece enjoying something as thought provoking as Hunter x Hunter
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Shounen is a demographic, not a genre.
I hope this is bait because HxHfags are slowly becoming as bad as Madokafags.
Of course it's bait, how new are you?

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biscuit hammers.jpg
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>this will never be animated
Why even live?
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Anime would skip the good SOL parts.
Think positively about it. It could be receiving the Berserk treatment.
I'd rather have SC animated.
It had a much better pacing overall except the ghost tower arc.

File: o-MOVIE-PIRACY-facebook.jpg (208KB, 1536x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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Why do you pirate?
Don't you wanna support your waifu and your favourite anime/manga?
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Yes, that's why I'm pirating anime and buying figs, unlike you retards giving money to crunchy or funi that doesn't do shit to the industry.
Because I would need to be a millionaire to pay properly for all the media I consume, doesn't mean I don't buy at all though, far from it.
Pirating doesn't do anything

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Is Shinji the only canonically gay MC?
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You mean apart from BL anime?
File: 00002hk9.jpg (163KB, 659x479px)Image search: [Google]
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He was only pseudo-gay because he couldn't find a girlfriend

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What does /a/ think of Truck-kun?
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Murdering bastard.
coe a shit
Kill more so I can have more of them delicious isekai


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i haven't watched new anime or hung out here since 2010. how much and what did i actually miss as far as modern classics go? what major trends have come and gone? what is the state of the business?
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all the monogatari stuff after bakemonogatari
Forget about coming back, Anime is filled with SJW shit and normalfaggotry.
There hasn't been a really good anime nor masterpiece in the last 7 years.
2010 was the year where modern anime reached it's peak.
dont believe their lies, the only thing you need to watch is boku no pico

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>implying mankind had a choice
How much choice do ants have if an entomologist decides to mess with them?
Is Sansa passable through genes or is it something that you must watch for it to effect you?
I don't get it

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Give me one good reason why heavy objects are not the future of warfare.
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They look silly.

If we get the tech behind them working they actually could be.
>Give me one good reason why heavy objects are not the future of warfare.
They have the same amount of unobtanium as humanoid giant robots. They just have DIFFERENT kinds of cheats compared to say, Gundams.

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not a fair comparison because OPM will never get a second season
>superhero satire vs actual superhero story
>seinein vs shounen
>mainly comedy vs mainly action

this is a retarded comparison on multiple levels
File: slowpoke_pokemon.jpg (27KB, 600x655px)Image search: [Google]
27KB, 600x655px
>because OPM will never get a second season
Season 2 was announced September last year.

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