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do people still love her?
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yes obviously
I never did
Here? The majority doesn't

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Welcome back to Negima!

So Akamatsu stringed us on for 5 extra years but best girl Chiu officially won the Negi bowl
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I though this was already confirmed months ago in an interview.
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She did spend the most time with Negi when it came down to the important things.

Who is your favorite loli character from the Japanese mediums of entertainment Anime and/or Manga?

Personally my favorite loli character is Illya Von Einzbern as she appears in the Japanese anime and manga series Fate Kaleid Liner Prismatic Illya because she is extremely sexy and arousing.
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Mine is Takamachi Vivio because she fills me with a desire to protect her, yet she is strong enough to stand on her own. I also like that she has found a lot of happiness in her young life despite getting off to a rough start, though her mamas helped a lot.
Oh and she's like one of the cutest things to ever exist.
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Mine is Matsuoka Miu from the anime and manga called Ichigo Mashimaro, because she's stupid, cute, and wears delicious twintails, and I love when she steals the pudding of that idiot Chika.
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I like Koume from [email protected] CG, she is sexy and has ear piercings and makes the best faces when punched in the midriff very hard.

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Did nothing wrong
Imagine a guy doing to your sister/mother what Griffith did to Casca

What are some best "shit is going down now" music in anime? And no opening or ending songs, have to play during the episode(s).

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>Posting Hero Academia pic
>Not posting the obvious theme
This is one of those OSTs that sold a show's actions scenes as hard as it could

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What happened with the love for witches? Haven't seen any thread in a while.

And why nobody likes Perrine?
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Come to /c/ or Helma if you really care about the love.
I love them so much there's no room for anyone else anymore.
Sorry, I stole the love.
Brave Witches was shit, that's what happened. They seriously need to stop with the Miyafuji and Miyafuji clones.

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So they decide to create a pretty good cast. They create Meteora, a deeply thinking girl who tries to understand the world she in and the fact that she was created for someone's entertainment, later realizing she loves the person who created her because he put so much love in to it. A chivalrous lawful good knight from a bloody world who finds herself loathing the people who could create such a world for their own entertainment. A magical girl who is torn away from her happy magical land where she wins as a typical mahou shoujo series goes; she realizes she is from a work made for children and full of happy bullshit and has to deal with a harsher reality.

Then there's this guy. He's the MC. He ruins the shows. How does one create a cast of interesting characters and then a MC that makes you want to skip the parts where he's whining and crying?
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Sounds like you can relate to MC then
It was enough to make him an author of webcomic or webnovel stories, so he would still have role as a creator and not a simple spectator.
Sometimes I have the impression that the Japanese have become so obsessed with self-insert that when they do the MC, they deliberately avoid giving him unique traits, since these may well please someone, but also bother others.

If the protagonist expresses a personal opinion or does an action that someone don't like, it automatically becomes garbage unbearable.
Fortunately not everyone is doing this and good MC are still there, but stereotypes like Souta are still quite exploited.
He really isn't that bad.
If the last time I did anything it made my friend kill themselves, I'd be pretty passive as well.

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I want to feed her donuts.
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Shinobu is love
I want to lick her butthole.
I just finished marathoning Tanabe Kyou doujin. Needless to say, i came bucket

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What was your favorite relationship in Hibike Euphonium?
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My dick and my hand
Kumirei, of course.
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He is one of the best artists in the world.
His style expresses girl's euphoria articulately.
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yeah, isn't this more >>>/h/ though
Girls don't really look like that when they get fucked tho.
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>>He is one of the best artists in the world.

Surely you jest.

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Is there any anime about your hobbies?
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Yeah, but the only one really dedicated to it is mediocre at best. The doujins drawn by the original creator are pretty nice though.The second runner up, Gunsmith Cats, is quite good. I wish it had gotten a full cour instead of just a couple OVAs.
Is there an anime about watching anime?
>thinly veiled /soc/ blog thread
Fuck off.

Is Kiznaiver Trigger's magnum opus?
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no, it's Trigger's coup de grace
It's a 10/10 anime, I'll never regret watching it.
Melodramatic directionless garbage. Their worst work.

What kind of Idol do you like?
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This one
One who's not only of age but can actually do more than just sing and dance.
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Definitely Rika.

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Anyone here like Wingman?

I used to watch it as a kid and I thought it was the coolest fucking shit.

Tried looking for the anime or manga now but can't find anything.
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Hmm Is nobody into this because Europe is sleeping and the US has shit taste in anime and manga?
I did when I was young.
Post the opening in the language you watched it with!
>That one guy that did more than half the french openings in the 90s


Yahari shifting gears from romcom to ecchi?
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Why is Yui topless?
You can only go so much without sales, anon-kun.
if only the yui merchandise werent garbo

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