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Is Enoshima Junko a good representation of pure (or otherwise absolute) evil? Are there are characters that fit this bill?
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>good example of anything
>Are there are characters that fit this bill?
Yes, watch more than one show.
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Junko is a terrible character with a horrible motivation. She managed to make an entire show shit because of her appearance. Trash tier character.
Pure evil?
Kodaka shat on her hard with the anime.
Junko was great until it turned out everything we know is wrong and that it was all lies, brainwashing, memes, misunderstandings and Tenganronpa.

Kodaka didnt stop there but went further by saying she truly loved her classmates and started the DR1 killing game because it was personal because of love. Because she loved them, she received true despair.

Also, Junko confirmed for having been in love with Naegi.

Gentleman, how do we fix Lyria?
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Make Djeeta MC.
kill her
>still no Vira cameo

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Why do the fucking japs always need to make every character japanese or at least half japanese or 3 quarters japanese, even when it dont make sense?

In this instance Gio lives in italy and it's fucking italian but somehow his mother is japanese? what the fuck?
Why cant his mom just be italian and that be the end of it?

Are japs really that xenophobic?
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Because they needed an excuse for his hair to change color from black to golden.
I mean seriously, for some reason the author is bent on making everyone in jojo japanese out of the blue. I liked when it had a more international approach.
>black to golden
sounds like fucking italian to me.

You will never fall into her hole.
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Just fucking kill me now
>Shimogamo family gets all the best girls
Someone stop this mad family.
but she plays with her hole so much that she sometimes get people falling into it, she said so herself. You don't want to be in her hole, you don't know who's been there.

So I've been thinking and I've thought of a perfect way to kill Madara without doing any stupid plot shit like they did, but first some facts

1st: The Reaper Death Seal is a S-class forbidden jutsu made by the Uzumaki clan that summons the Grim Reaper and requires your soul so you can take the soul of your enemy and seal it within the Grim Reaper.

2nd: The Reaper Death Seal destroys Edo Tensei easily as it did with Hashirama and Tobirama when Hiruzen did it to them.

3rd and final: When successful, the Reaper Death Seal auto-kills both the one that does the jutsu and the one that receives the jutsu.

So here's my question
why didn't they, when literally everyone was fighinting him in his Edo Tensei form, think of using this? all they had to do was get the strongest people like Minato, Hashirama & Tobirama to restrain him long enough for someone to perform the jutsu

desu I would've loved an ending where one of the main characters sacrifice themselves to stop Madara rather than that stupid shit they pulled out their ass
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You can kill him by throwing a shuriken to his head.
Im pretty sure it has shit for range. It's only good when you're opponent can't possibly escape.
Doesnt the user have to be about as strong as the target?

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>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who grew up watching dragon ball z dubbed as a kid, but still prefer the sub for some reason
>there are people who prefer the sub at all
How is this shit real?
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>there are "people" on this board RIGHT NOW who don't know how to use the catalog
Stay in your containment general dragonbrony.
>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who don't know the difference between two different shows
dub is shit, get out, newfag

What's your verdict, /a/?
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coco is best girl
where's the bluray release?

>she's about to die
>calls her "mum"
>muh feels
Any /a/non reading this too? The updates take long but it's not bad
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This and other manga which name i don't know have the fucking same character designe. It's so obvious that it is stupid.
How u people manage to read this shit? I mean i don't know about the plot but c'mon guys u can do better
isn't he supposed to be a old guy when he died?
is it good?

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Is Shinka /a/'s kryptonite?
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What did she mean by this?
Shinka is dangerous
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You wake up to see this standing over you

wat do?
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I'd probably not save the thumbnail

Isn't my waifu, so this person needs to leave.

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>hero and villain have ludicrously long, grueling, high-stakes fight
>ends in draw
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Literally every single Naruto fight.
I have no idea what the fuck shounenfags smoke to go through this shit
Also happened in Prison School.
That's a comedy manga

Do you miss Haganai?
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Yes. I wish there was a third season just for the merchandise.
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Fucck yes, miss this BOOTY.
No, but I just wish that the S2 ending actually had closure.

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spring tiger 3.jpg
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>2017.06.08Saturday, June 24 (Sat) Broadcast "Tiger Mask W" episode 37 "Farewell Tiger" Pro wrestler · Kota Ihibi Yuu is decided to play in the role of himself! Last round · On 7/1 (Saturday) broadcast 38th story, Haruna is the protagonist of the future!

Are you ready for Haruna's show?
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If i get more ms EXSU and cameos if its still funded by njpw.

round 2: FIGHT!
>fucking beating up a manager heel style


720 or 1080
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Why is Pink Aoi not pink?
I like memes so 1080p.

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from my own experience I would say Samurai Champloo and FMA:Brotherhood (if you like classical style music)

Cowboy Beebop seems to be well liked but it was way too heavy on the saxaphone for me. got old REAL quick.

And surprisingly I ended up liking Berserks soundtrack even though its weird as fuck.

OnePunchMan goes without saying.
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You have shit taste , One Punch Man is the new Sword art online.

Best soundtracks would be, both for listening value, and in addition the value for viewing experience.

Bakemonogatari - exceptional
Kill La Kill - exceptional
It's probably the anti-SAO if you thought about it.
Death Note

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