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He's a dandy guy in space
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Season 2 was incredibly comfy

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Oh fuck /a/, you're now in charge of NERV, how do you save yourself and humanity?
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Give shinji a room of his own and talk to him about his problems and try to help him get over his fear and insecurity.
You'd think an organization that secretive and advanced would have a psychiatric department, especially when they have 14 year olds piloting evas and fighting angely with weight of humanity's survival on their shoulders..

I understand that Eva isn't any of those things though, it is what it is and it's pretty honest about it too, you can't really criticize it for anything, when it's that honest about what it's doing, the EoE and all.
Not build a city on top of angel bait

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Really? Why would you think that?
>tfw nobody watching this
AOTY so far, but let's wait 5 more months for a final decision.
Looks like a generic romance story

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Shows that involved music in anime

>in b4 K-ON
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Beck and Sakamichi No Apollon are he only two I've unironically enjoyed
What's wrong with K-ON?
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>MC choosing the wrong girl

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Does /a/ agree that this is the best thing Dragon Ball has ever done?
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That's not the cell saga
I dare disagree.
Did anyone else cry as a kid at best-Gohan's death?

Cowboy Bebop gets a reboot in the style of Teen Titans Go. Let's write the first episode /a/
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>Boy I sure do love this beef and bell peppers, hey Spike? *winks at camera*
Nobody here has watched your shitty flash animation.
we only do this to complain about QUALITY

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Left or right?
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Drills. Always drills.

so.... why can't we talk about this anime and manga on /a/ anymore, again?
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Prolonged hiatus drove the threads to shitposting madness full of waifuwars and bestiality porn. The manga is start up again soon though. Cerea best girl.
If only Cerea were a lamia, she'd be perfect.
whats wrong with bestiality porn?

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Does /a/ like cute girls doing /fit/ things?
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Everything is better than this fad of fat girls.
rhythmic gymnastics girls need to come back.

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I want to impregnate Kotori, I want her to give birth to 4 for my healthy burds and I know her body, her fertile body is perfect for the task. I will not even let her rest the moment she gives birth I will be filling that fertile womb like no tomorrow, after the 4th lil' burd she gives me, I'll only be filling her for fun.
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>give birth to 4
>I will not even let her rest

Let her rest or you'll kill her
She CAN take it.
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how do you become gurren lagann
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Fight the power really hard.
Have a believing heart
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How can Sagiri even compete?
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wtf I hate sagiri now
She can't
she can't even leave her house
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Despite Sagiri being my favorite, I have to agree Elf is a close second and I can understand why someone would have her as favorite.

Now liking Muramasa, that I can't understand. What kind of twisted, corrupted taste you need to have to like such punchable cunt is beyond me. I believe that the only people who like Muramasa are aliens from another dimension trying to imitate human behavior but failing miserably at grasping basic common sense.

We can do anything if we do it together
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onpu chan.webm
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Arrest him

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do we still like Saki?
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Rape victim.
Season 2 didn't have enough of her.
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How does /a/ honestly feel about Maki Nishikino?
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It's shit.
She's a tomato

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