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Who is your favorite loli character from the Japanese mediums of entertainment Anime and/or Manga?

Personally my favorite loli character is Illya Von Einzbern as she appears in the Japanese anime and manga series Fate Kaleid Liner Prismatic Illya because she is extremely sexy and arousing.
Mine is Takamachi Vivio because she fills me with a desire to protect her, yet she is strong enough to stand on her own. I also like that she has found a lot of happiness in her young life despite getting off to a rough start, though her mamas helped a lot.
Oh and she's like one of the cutest things to ever exist.
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Mine is Matsuoka Miu from the anime and manga called Ichigo Mashimaro, because she's stupid, cute, and wears delicious twintails, and I love when she steals the pudding of that idiot Chika.
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I like Koume from [email protected] CG, she is sexy and has ear piercings and makes the best faces when punched in the midriff very hard.
Leaning toward akko, but illya will always have a special place as my first favorite.
you posted her
This is it, garbage entry level lolis show what a casual shithole /a/ has become.
You tell these fags

Starfire from teen titans is goat kawaii, plebs should learn their place.
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My waifu.
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Everyone loves Vivio
I just can't decide on a single one. There are so many of them, most of which with their personal qualities

For one there are the likes of the ones in Kojika, with the perfect mixture between cute and lewd. Then we have the Mashimaros which fill me with the desire to protect. Then the Mitsudomoes which are just plain fun. Without forgetting the Prillyas which are great too.

My appreciation extends to all of them, I can't discriminate.
maybe hachikuji mayoi
>being from franchise killer series
>made it canon that lolis are weak shit, and introduced adult form so they can be not-weak-shit
No, not everyone.
hnng miu is up there too
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I have tons of favorite loli. But Krul is among my most favorites. Eternal mature but also playful/childish just does it for me most.
Which loli has the best ass?
>post a vampire loli from fujoshit
I'm not sure what I could say about your taste.
>More people like Prisma Ilya than original Ilya now
I hate everything Fate has become
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I'll bet she could crack walnuts with those.
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2MB, 2508x3541px
Krul makes it all worth getting into.
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cute bat.webm
1MB, 1280x720px
If you count fake 500y old lolis then shinobu.
I mean she looks great, and is voiced by my favorite seiyuu, but she isn't the main girl and the show looked genuine shit, so I'd say no, she doesn't worth that much trouble.
But cheers to you.
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I like my cups as soft and as chewy as mochi.
>posting Miyu in a loli thread
I'm mildly mad.
>mildly mad
I know. That's the joke.
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