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ITT: Times when Best Girl won
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I wonder how many times they fucked
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They didn't fuck a single time
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File: Truck-kun vs Muguro.webm (3MB, 960x540px)Image search: [Google]
Truck-kun vs Muguro.webm
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>yfw Moguro defeated Truck-kun
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Moguro is the devil after all.
This episode's ending wasn't that bad.
no hes not

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Is it okay to sexualize the Keions?
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In a legal sense yes most of them are 18+

on the other hand who fucking cares?
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Go fuck yourself

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Ueno is _____
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For jizz
a shit
a beautiful angel.

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What would you do in this situation?
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Not save a highly compressed jpeg that's for fucking sure
Start proclaiming my undying love for her.
Then laugh and go back to Ueno because who seriously wants a deaf girlfriend.
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Everyone hates on Ishidrio but Berserk went to shot after Schreike joined desu
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Still can't believe Miura was a pedophile fuck all along
Ishidrio had a nice character development withing the conviction arc, the way he hates himself for disappointing guts and how he makes up to it by rescuing casca, proving himself as a worthy sidekick.
Schreike? not so much...
Puck is the worst one.

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MM was shit.png
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I will find and skin you.

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who has the best butt in anime and why is it CC?
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you might be right
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Old and buttsted.
File: 1383839506857.jpg (383KB, 2469x1744px)Image search: [Google]
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>best butt

Entry level as fuck.

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Why does /a/ like Molester man?

The romance was generic, the drama was forced, the characters had no depth at all, the art was deviantart tier awful and the humor was juvenile
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Every day is repost day.
Stop you fucking nigger

I like how you guys defend your favorite manga by saying it doesn't suck instead of giving reasons.

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Where do you see BnHA going arc wise?
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eri dies because heroes can't save everyone
Next is the traitor gets revealed All Might probably dies after that, Deku gets really sad and thinks about giving up One For All.
But then he got encouragement, then time skip, he's now just graduated from UA and a full fledged hero.

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I thought they were trying to increase the town's population. YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE.
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You wouldn't make more Japanese with Shiori.
You're right, since any progeny from such a relation would be mixed race.
this show is honestly such a let down other than shiori existing

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Will god eater get another season?
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they couldn't even get the first season done on time

ufotable better off just shilling fate for the next two decades
They didn't even bothered to patch the bugs in PC version, fuck.
Also the undub patch doesn't progress at all, fuck fuck.
File: 9FiVyGE.jpg (263KB, 1440x1598px)Image search: [Google]
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I wish, I want more Alisa

File: p228797_b_v8_ab.jpg (358KB, 960x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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How would you fix it?
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>Uub and Pan have to be actually relevant, they're not nearly as strong as they should be.
>No Kid Goku, if you're going to make an adventure comedy, make it more like Red Ribbon
>Fuck it, no Black Star Dragon Balls either.
>SSJ4 needs a new name if Vegeta can get it, maybe "Great Saiyan" or something
>SSJ4 also should be more yellow, no pants.
>No Giru, for fuck's sake
>Baby needs to be more distinct and Tuffle-like, having him constantly rely on Vegeta to be threatening isn't as cool
>Alternatively, make him Hatchiyack
>No Super 17
>Piccolo and Gohan should at least be somewhat competent
>Shadow Dragons should be fought by the entire cast separately
>Omega Shenron should be defeated by something that's not just Kid Buu x10
File: 5272615917_61c0c14ded_o.jpg (3MB, 3572x2623px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 3572x2623px
Also each planet should have certain gimmick, like "o shit i am weak because of the cold" or "oh shit this character is super strong because of the ten suns on this planet".

Good list. What would you leave as is?

File: C_9b83PUQAAWci_.jpg (409KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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This is how depressed Iori becomes when she loses her stuffed bunny.
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Why does she sit like that?
So about as indifferent as anyone is all the time?
Because shes too poor to afford a phone

File: katanagatari.jpg (1MB, 2560x1600px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2560x1600px
Watching this right now.

What's with all the dialogue? Are the Maniwani just comedic relief the whole time?
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Best girl won.
too soon
Togame dies

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