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> [HorribleSubs] Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine - 11 [720p].mkv
Time for sensei and his cute prince harem
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Why does sensei make such a big deal about his past? It's not like he was a drug dealer or a serial killer.
To protect the image of the king maybe. That's my best guess.
Scandal with royal families is a big deal even in real life though.

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What's the first thing you notice about this particular image?
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the penis
Why is her skin so sickly yellow? Either go white or get a tan you fucking freak, you look like a sandworm

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This is wrong
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REC (Mizu Asato).png
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I love a chance to crack this out.
>its a safe day so go ahead
post lmao daddy

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ITT: villains who didn't deserve their fates

Pic wholeheartedly related
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He was gay for Doppio. He deserved it.
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Zamasu was entirely right.

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What's the best website for anime streaming?

I've been using Kissanime for a while but now it's full of ads and the majority of the time the videos don't even start

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get ublock origin.
/a/ doesn't stream only faggots from other boards or sites do. So you should probably go back to where you came from and ask them for help.

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gold frieza.jpg
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Does Freeza deserve redemption?

Look at Gokus friends. Almost every single one of his started as an enemy, rival, or outright antagonist. Yamcha, Tien, Chioatzu all started as enemies. Piccolo started as an antagonist and outright caused the death of some of Gokus beloved friends. Vegeta is the biggest contender, downright causing the death of every single major friend of Goku via Nappa and downright just being an evil person. Even 18 and 17 have had their time as villains and are now friendly allies.

All of these characters got their redemption and became allies of Goku.

Is Freeza allowed to do the same? Would that be too far for the franchise?
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Yamcha was just a stupid kid living in the desert and stealing from people because he was an autisic loser that couldn't talk to women.

Tien was essentially brainwashed as a child by a serial killer and a serial killer's demented brother

Piccolo was the reincarnation of the evil half of a good person who grew up with "kill goku" hardwired into his DNA and despite that, he never killed anyone innocent unless he had to iirc. I think he only scared a few people and acted in self defense when attacked as a child. and when he did attack the dog, he seemed surprised he even had powers afterwards.

Vegeta? He was told ever since he was born that he was an elite warrior and that he had to keep fighting and dominating others to get stronger. He also had to keep fighting others to prove his worth to Frieza, who essentially owned him for several years after he killed his whole race and family (except Tarble, but fuck Tarble)

17 and 18 were just rebellious kids that wanted to have fun and were only going to kill Goku because 16 was programmed specifically for it and that thought "eh maybe this will be fun". never killed anyone though.

Frieza has lived his entire existence getting EVERYTHING he ever wanted. By force if they weren't kissing his ass. He delights in torturing people. He has been given SEVERAL redemption moments in the past and he rejected them. It is 100% out of character for him to EVER become a "good guy" or even a neutral character at this point.
I disagree with these points for a few key facts. You're undermining the acts they did. 18 and 17 were still bad people. In Trunks timeline they did destroy everything and were killed for it. There is no reason to give them a free pass in the natural timeline. Yet they were given it.

Vegeta is a killer. He has 0 compassion. Did you forget on Namek when he single handedly destroyed and entire Namekian village, just cause he could? You can't argue he was Freezas lackey at that point, he was directly going against Freezas orders what with the killing of Cui.

Both Piccolos are the same person. Majunior just has Piccolos memories. It doesn't matter, Piccolo still killed people and still attempted world domination.

Freeza is still able to become a good character. It is entirely possible within the franchise. When Goku was going to leave cause Freeza said no, he instantly changed his tune. He's willing to change.
Redemption only raises your pussy levels.

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How popular is anime in your country?
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It's acceptable to like Pokémon, YuGiOh, Dragon Ball and the Ghibli movies.

If you like anything else they look at you like a squashed bug.
How does a squashed bug look at you?
Comes and goes. A staple for anyone wanting anything other than domestic or american produce. 70s kids remember SF Saiyuki Starzinger, 80s kids grew up with Sailor Moon, 90s had Pokemans, cardgames and a half-decent selection of mangoes. These days people buy or download the american versions as only Ghibli stuff gets translated or dubbed.

tl;dr a niche with only a mild hipsterism to it

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The first three chapters of the lightnovel have been translated. Since a lot of people like he Manga I'll post them here along with the link (also I'm not sure if LNs belong on /a/)

Chapter 1 link:

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>chapter 1

(I want to eat open air skewers…)

The surroundings she saw up until now had been the most beautiful, dazzling world, and now she was in the muddy dregs, wriggling in miasma.

(It’s already three months huh. I wonder if dad is eating.)

The other day, she met with the kidnappers when she went to look for medicinal herbs in the forest. They were villagers with names: One, Two and Three.

It was a marriage capture, a hunt for women for the imperial court. A truly powerful and extremely bothersome marriage activity.

Well, she was getting paid. And if she worked for about two years, she might be able to return to town. Though the place of employment wasn’t bad, the case depended on the person’s purpose.
For Maomao whose livelihood in itself was a pharmacist, this talk was a pain for others.

To Maomao, whether the kidnappers were capturing young girls and selling them to a eunuch to earn money for their alcohol expenses, or that they were allowed their own daughters as substitutes didn’t matter. No matter what reason, the fact that she got roped into this doesn’t change.

Otherwise, she would have no relation with the inner palace in this lifetime.

The suffocating scent of cosmetics and perfume wafted from the court ladies clad in beautiful clothes, their smiles thin.

It was what the pharmacist thought up. That there is no terrifying poison in the women’s smiles.
That the palace where the court officials lived and prostitution quarter beneath the palace will not change.(???)

She walked towards the inside of the building with a laundry basket in her arms. The tasteless courtyard was different to the outside. It had a stone paved pool, where servants who were neither male or female washed a large amount of laundry.
Pretty sure this is the WN, as the chapter numbering and the source link published there show. But thanks for this a lot
>chapter 1 continured

It was fact that men were forbidden in the inner palace. The ones who could enter are the countries’ elite noble ones and their blood relatives, and the men who lost their most important thing. Of course, the ones here are the latter.
While warped, Maomao wondered if it was done because there was a benefit to it.

Setting down the basket, she saw the rows of lined up baskets in the nearby building. It wasn’t dirty laundry, just washing laid out for the sun.

She looked at the wooden tag that was attached to the basket. It had a drawing of a plant and a number on it.

Among the court ladies, there were those who couldn’t read. This was because it included those who were kidnapped too. Before they were bought into the imperial palace, they were taught the minimum etiquette but not words as that was difficult. The literacy rate of girls from rural areas were a little over half.

On the topic of evil practices of the inner palace that has become overly large, the occurrence of such viciousness increased.
Although you cannot possibly compare with the previous emperor’s flower garden, the current one was a large gathering that consisted of 2000 consorts and court ladies, and 3000 eunuchs altogether.

Within that, Maomao is among the lowest of maids, receiving not even government services. She especially lacked a backing shield, just like the other kidnapped girls. Well, if only she had plump body like tree peony and skin white like the full moon, then she might have the chance to serve a low consort. What Maomao had was vibrant skin covered in freckles, and limbs like a dead branch.

(Let’s finish this job quickly.)

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Friendly reminder that this is the greatest series ever produced by mankind.
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So after watching the anime I started reading the chapters in the manga that weren't animated.
I the chapter where Seki's mom comes to school Yoko says something about going to Seki's house, what chapter is that?
What episode of Evangelion is this?

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Anyone else think that Molester man was complete shit?
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Fap note was better
No OMK was shittier
Fuck off.

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Del Toro x Go Nagai collab when?
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del toro is a fat fuck
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He's a weeb, what did you expect?
>sensei Go Nagai instead of Go Nagai sensei
What a fake weeb.

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Psyche Ana.png
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Kickass female characters.

We need more of them.
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why exactly?
Wait a minute. Is this the same guy who did Law of Ueki?
Because they're more likable. Plus, some girls need self insert characters in cool manga battles too.

Why are Goten and Trunks not aging at all?
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What's even worse is that Goten is way smaller than Trunks.

Compare them to the Buu saga and now.
Saiyan genes.
A better question is why Marron doesn't seem to age either.
Android something.

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Draw you're waifu badly, others guess who she is.
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best fate in mspaint.jpg
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wrong, she is PURE

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The (Albanian) goddess is dead.
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Works on my machine.
No, it's not.
It's down according to https://isitup.org/manga.madokami.al and similar sites.
But I can access it by using VPN though, strange.

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