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What do you want to see in an harem series?
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An entertaining protagonist and an actual harem ending.
Harem of lolis.
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Car girls

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can we discuss this?
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It was cute. What else is there to discuss?
what does this mean?
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What the hell is going on?
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You will be happy with the direction the series takes!
You're about to go on one of the greatest rides of your life

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Utaha a cute!!
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Utaha a best.

Eriri a shit.
Still better than Megumi.
Eriri a best.
Megumi a cute.
Utaha a shit.

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Quick! Post your best Jeans!
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Gross. Post your best Erwins.

>grim reminder
>endgame brothers
>Reniers so handsome
>Zekes so handsome

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>this will never be translated due to getting licensed

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they fixed the little sister and i figured it was going to be SOL for a while but I guess they are jumping into the next arc already?
It never really stops. The series subsists on fight scenes and fanservice, most of the time both at the same time.
Let it go lost their translator. They said that if they can find a new one, they're going to start translating it again. It wasn't because it got licensed

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Why is this faget putting the translated routes on youtube instead of providing a romhack?
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Fuck off. Why is it only Irohafags like it and care about it?
you know romhacks take a pretty large amount of effort, right
did haruno get a route

Pink-haired musume looks kawaii. But is the show deserving of those looks? Explain.
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pink yoshino has the pinkest cutest butthole
It's Sakura Quest.
Sakura Quest desu yo

So has this gone anywhere? When is the new chapter? Why the fuck did Ritz think the dumb loser match was a good idea?
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next chapter June 16
leaks in about 30 hours
I'd rather have slice of life in between the semis and finals.This is retarded.
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There was a Teru flashback where we learned a little about how Teru joined the mahjong club, with hints of Saki and Shino.

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Which Love Live is best for breeding
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The idea of them sandwichfucking Nico gets me hot
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What does /a/ think of Jin Roh the Wolf Brigade?
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Pure kino
Dude red riding hood lmao
Pretty good anime

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How does anime work on TV?Specifically in Japan.
When and where do they air?Is there such a thing as an anime only channel?What about hentai
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morning-mid day is all the shounen stuff and the stuff for young adults/kids. night is when more adult seinen stuff airs and whatnot. there are anime only channels as well as anime blocks on non-anime channels i think. hentai is just released straight to video and sold either in the back of a normal shop that would have anime, in a porn shop, or in one of those vending machines.

this probably isnt 100 percent accurate but its close im sure.
>hentai bending machines
You can turn on the television and have a 1/25-1/50 chance of finding anime on, typically. You're much more likely to find anime on television in America than you are in Japan. There's no such thing as an anime-only channel, and hentai is unheard of as an actual genre of animation - it's just another word for "pervert" or "strange guy", and most people would be shocked that the Western idea of "hentai" actually exists.

There are only eight channels - one channel shows anime late at night for an hour or two (SAO, SnK and Berserk, for instance), and you can find miscellaneous children's shows (Doraemon, Anpanman) in the morning, and the more popular anime (previously Naruto, One Piece and Adventure Time) around dinner time, but you're not going to find other shows unless you go searching for them.

For most shows, you need to pay for a premium cable package. You typically buy the channel you're interested in. Other shows are online streaming-only, like AbemaTV, or only available depending on what prefecture you live in (those in Saitama and Chiba get different broadcasts than Tokyo residents, for instance)

This is closer to myth than it is to anything resembling accuracy.

t. have lived in Japan for many years

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Did you prefer the manga? The western adaptation? Or the original LN which I haven't read?
Personally really enjoyed the manga, though I felt the ending was too abrupt.
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Fucking changed the name instead of the subject, damn I'm retarded
Personally I enjoyed both.
The manga had a more interesting plot and better fleshed out world, but the ending felt too inconclusive.
The movie was a shameless Cruise action flick that offered and needed no justification for all the crazy shit it tacked on to the original formula. The ending had closure but felt a little too 'neat' compared to the original.
While the movie didn't cover all of the stuff in the manga, it still was enjoyable and it didn't feel monotonous at all. Both adaptations sought to do their own thing and I liked both. The axes are cooler though.

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One of the best isekai
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When isekai is just shit in general that's not an accomplishment.
Wow, such a high hurdle to clear

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really makes you think
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tfw no black best friend
That just reminds me how we all call each other niggers around here.
Warms my heart.
Remember when /a/ didn't get triggered by black people? Yeah, I miss 2014 too.

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