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Hao did nothing wrong.

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At this rate. Will manga Tomoko probably lose her Virginity before most of die hard Watamote fans?
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Season 2 never
It's for the best. Want to see tomoko become a normie?

I want to see delinquent and school trip animated

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im ready for her heavy objects
Vol14 announcement when?

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what does /a/ think of this anime
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it has a high APM (AnimePerMinute)
Error: Plot not found
utterly garbage

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why do they always retire after marrying?
aren't there any working mothers in anime and manga?
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I think Tumblr might be more your speed then
Mothers are busy upkeeping the house. From cleaning house to looking after the baby to making food to washing dishes/clothes to sending kids off to school, etc.
>washing dishes
don't they have any dishwashers?
now that I think about it, I can't recall the last time I've seen a dishwasher in an anime

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>manime is dea-
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>garbage for literally 12 year olds and fujoshit
Really makes you think.
only botom left isn't shit
Only Tiger Mask W is manime

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I'm a handful of chapters behind but it's not that amazing.
everyone will drop it when the gringo guy forces her to go on a date with him
also the ost will fail to be good enough to capture the mood of the manga
when will they do the sex

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>negi is/was in love with LOL SO RANDUM
it was never really revealed in the negima manga, right?
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Nope in an interview years after the series finished
No, the manga heavily implies it's Nodoka, although it isn't strange to see it be Chisame since Negi relied on her the most and spent an awful lot of time with her. So I don't mind if she gets the shota D.
AuthorĀ“s favourite, also they compenetrated a lot in the magic worlds arc.

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no pa works
no kyoto animation
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Who cares? Watch what you think is interesting, drop it when it doesn't.
Sounds like a good season.

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Just stop. It doesnt matter. When the time comes you will know.
We're so fucking close to the end just finish it

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What was that about? So... they didn't fuck?
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Oreki was able to picture himself as being in a relationship with Chitanda. Note that the novels are still going.
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Can we talk about chinese cartoons here? Because Quan Zhi Gao Shou (king's avatar) is surprisingly good.
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Why? I'm not sure I should post it here or on /co/ but since it's a chinese cartoon...
>no haremshit even if lot of cute girls orbitate toward the MC
>kinda realistic competitive game
>well informed writer
>good animation
>even the 3D don't hurt the eyes
Really the best anime of this season. I guess the voice actors are good too but since I don't speak china.
It's actually my AOTS but there's little competition. I wish there was more of an overall plot, right now it's just MC doing some random shit. There's no overall villain or goal

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I don't like when the butthole is too well drawn. Buttholes are nasty
I swear, with the last two episodes it's like they don't want me to choose Sagiri, Elf is wife material as fuck, and this is coming from a Kirinofag.
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You're going to be dissapointed either way. We all will, even though we all know how it's going to end.
Elf fags know she'll lose but watching it will still be dissapointing.
Sagiri fags know she'll win. But that ending is so painfully obvious it loops back into hope that something different will happen. But it won't. And everyone will be left dissapointed.

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It's out here:
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End of omake.
Uhm... Thanks?

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