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Dumping chapter 21 of thick family manga.
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This isn't thick. This is fat.
Pic related is thick

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>you lift your waifu's skirt
>this pops out

What do?
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Impale myself with it.
Post HomuSaya
you want me to go look for the holy grail while I'm at it?

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When uenofags defend her because she's cute. Niggas she looks like a copy of Chitanda and Reina
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Ueno is not cute, she's hot.
Ueno is hot and I would do the same if I was Ueno.
> we already know that Uenofags have shit taste
>kyoani moe design is the same in every fucking anime.

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This is Luna. She's stuck on a whole different planet. Say something to comfort her in these desperate times.
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4:20 blaze it faggot
Shippers get jack shit.
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>Uninhabited Planet Survive thread.
That's not something you see everyday.

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Tsurezure Children seiyuu

>Inori Minase - Takano (shy twintails girl)
>Kaito Ishikawa - Sugawara (football guy)

>Yui Ogura - Kamine (slut with the mom hairstyle)
>Tomoaki Maeno - Gouda (volleybal player)

>Ayane Sakura - Ryoko (delinquent)
>Kensho Ono - Akagi (glasses class president)
Ayane NTRing HanaKana since Kensho is her IRL boyfriend

>Haruka Miyake - Kanda (failed attempt at confessing through text)
>Kentaro Kumagai - Takase (also football club)

>Kana Hanazawa - Minagawa (tease extraordinaire)
>Kohei Amasaki - Furuya (i don't know, half of the guys are so non-descriptive)
>Haruka Tomatsu - Hotaru (Furuya imouto)

>Daisuke Namikawa - Katori (FABULOUS guy)

The anime is airing next season in Summer and it's by Studio Gokumi.
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>Yui Ogura - Kamine
Picked up
The manga works because it´s manga, the anime will be boring garbage.
It is going to be a TV short, so I have some hope that it will turn out ok.

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Berserk 2017 is a good anime adaptation because it gives the viewer the same hopelessness and despair that Guts feels.
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Stop bringing this up on /a please
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At least guts gets moments of relief from the suffering
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Thanks to this anime, we will never get a good adaptation of Berserk.

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Why is Maki Nishikino so perfect, /a/?
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>Maki with glasses
what a goddess
She's overrated. Eli is the best Muse.
Because she's the first and only example of a well done tsundere

blame! 2017 movie
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cyberpunk, dystopia, futuristic, survivalist
world taken over by machines.
Human survival on the brink

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Is it a hood or longhair?
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i don't know
I don't know

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Why do so many faggots like this shit?
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It's called having a refined palette
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It's the pinnacle of its genre, offering not just moe and dry humor but excellent and fulfilling character development and interactions, great animation, art, and visual direction, and great voice acting by (at the time) new talent.

Let me add another one to your list buddy.


That being said I didn't love the series itself nor disliked it, yet I got to read the manga and looking forward into Anthology and Ura-On beucase I fell deeply in love with Ritsu. idk

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Did she deserve it?
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I don't think she did, and I don't understand why /a/ hates her so much.
No, but she did.
Is there a way to find all the compiled info on her? I've only found shit about her, like her work at a museum or with a curator, only from bits I randomly find on this site.
Is it at 4x2, anon ib?

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How much does a typical fight scene cost to animate? Are there any good documentaries on what it takes to run a animation studio?
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According to interview with creators of anime a 12 episode anime cost around half a million to create and that's without fight scenes
>typical fight scene cost to animate
Depends on what you mean by this.

2 minutes of uninterrupted hand to hand combat with no talking? Probably a shitton.

8 minutes of "fighting" with talking, lots of special effects, and the combatants becoming clashing specks on light in the sky? Probably not as much.
Thats insane

Yeah,Im talking uninterrupted fight sequences

What went wrong?
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Her father death
Episode 4 onwards.
Buzzer Beater

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Why is it hyped so much?

While the manga is good, the anime adaption is mediocre at best.
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poor bait my man
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Mango is always better mate.
well memed, friend

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Laughing Truck Salesman.png
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Is best boy getting soft?

A happy ending? Oh shit, Moguro what are you doing?
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>truck-kun loses to the BOOM

I am not okay with this.
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Fun fact: The mom and daughter are voiced by an actual mom and daughter as well, Kikuko Inoue and Honoka Inoue .
>Top 10 Anime Deaths

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