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Shhhh /a/ , Yoshino is sleeping
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Be careful not to wake her up
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Ara ara
Go away kurumi
Don't disturb yoshino's sleep

Take on me has one job: Fix what they fucked up in season 2. Hopefully by making Pink an actual threat and ending with a fucking kiss, goddamn it.
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>making Pink an actual threat
God no. Fuck that. Fuck you for saying it. Fuck. Just make a simple story with no melodrama to get their relationship to mature a bit and pad it with cute shit. Kiss at the end, sure, but no fucking melodrama.
I honestly don't really see what was so bad about season 2 other than bullying Pink
I felt the drama in S1 drug it down and S2 gave me more fun chuuni antics. I hope the movie is the same way, but a kiss would be nice.
Actually the best would be a male love rival
The final definitive chuuni battle would be glorious
This, S1 was preachy and boring at times, especially when Yuuta complained about Rikka instead of having fun

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Ritsu without her headband is a miracle of the universe.
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But without the headband you can't see her pretty forehead.
She looks slutty.
That brings us to an easy compromise: if we give her a buzzcut, the forehead will be uncovered without any headbands.

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Where were you when kuroshit manga confirmed two ciels theory
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Was about damn time.

>people still had doubts until now

It was pretty obvious for a long time really.
It was about time, but now the fun is over. ;_;

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What's HER fucking deal?
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>city girl comes to the hicks and married her son
>drag him out of it for the city life
>divorced just after giving birth
>abandons the child to the grandmother while the son goes abroad working

I'd have trust issues against outsiders too if I was her.
I dunno, I just want to lick all of her daughter's flat body over
She hasn't had any cock in ages.

To /a/migos who red the source meterial,
will there be romance or something in the years to come, or is it neto war and the 'reincarnated as a girl' is just for flavor?
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Deja vu?
I accidently the namefield so i made this thread again
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There's no romance so far. Remember, Tanyas growth is stunted due to her exessive use of combat drugs, she hasn't even properly hit puberty yet.

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What the fuck is her problem?
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Bad case of tsundere
She knows she lost to best girl
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She's hazing the newbie and is tsundere. Are you really that dense?

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>Character wears the same clothes every episodes
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>Faggot makes a greentext thread
This is a real problem only in VNs.
>OP makes the same thread every day

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Knowing how one punch man world works, we are all agree Sonic will become into a monster stronger than Saitama due his obsession of kill him?
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>Sonic will become into a monster
Probable, but there's also a chance he'll surpass his own limits while staying human as well
>stronger than Saitama
File: 1442339882327.jpg (195KB, 728x1116px)Image search: [Google]
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Sonic will become into a semen demon lewder than anything in existence
if anything, he will only become faster than saitama, but not strong enough to beat him.

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How does this make you feel?
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I don't get it
He's by far the ultimate cuck.

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Will we ever get an anime about cute moms doing cute things?
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im still going to read this just to see where this is going
You haven't read any Mogiki Hayami?
>STD censoring

So which Ghibli movie is generally liked the most by /a/? It's been years since I watched most of them.
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Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away are up there
Porco Rosso you daft cunts

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Post best girls from shows you didn't watch
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Only watched the OVA for her.
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She's second best.

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simply amazing

how does such a perfect author exist in this mortal realm
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Chapter 100 is almost reached.

If I recall, most manga that finally reach a 100 chapters usually have an anime adaption announced or at least an anime ova or Drama CD.
Stop bullying ethel
But that's what she's there for!

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Do you think yujiro got any internal injuries (microfractures and stuff like that) in his fight against baki?
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Manga already states everything is afraid of Ogre even cancer cells.

And manga implies only Ogre's dad is strong enough to probably injure and beat up Ogre.

That is why Ogre told his father's spirit to fuck off.
File: rare zen tokugawa.jpg (605KB, 1100x1600px)Image search: [Google]
rare zen tokugawa.jpg
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Yes. That's why we're introduced to his see-through vision: so we can have a narrative justification for seeing how Baki is fucked up during the fight but not see how Yuujiro himself is injured. The purpose of this is to make Yuujiro appear infallible from a reader's perspective. The logic of 'if you can make God bleed, people will stop believing in him' applies here. If Yuujiro were ever to be visibly wounded, he would stop seeming like an absolute, unreachable ideal.

And this is somewhat verifiable with the advent of Musashi. Once Musashi cut Yuujiro, people began to start saying things like "Musashi will kill Yuujiro and Baki will ____ in response". They were wrong, but the important thing to note is that Yuujiro being injured in the slightest was the origin of that widespread impression.

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