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Why must Yuzu always suffer?
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I forgot this was airing but no best boy doesn't deserve this shit
he needs to drink more milk
Fuck this shit, Momo better fucking win.

Or just anyone besides the autistic. Seriously. I don't care if that smug blonde piece of shit wins the ninobowl. Just anyone besides eyelashes. I'm serious, anyone can win. Griffith can win. That kid from school days can win. Pico can win. Someone's fucking dog can win. I don't care. Just not yuzu.

But yuzu was introduced first, and has way more character development than momo, not to mention that the girl who likes him is about to get picked up by the second worst guy in the show. So we all know how this is gonna end. Really. If you don't think yuzu is going to win, then you're just an idiot. But please, feel free to prove me wrong. I would really like to be proven wrong.

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Are you trying to tell me there is no anime or manga with this exact premise anywhere?
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This looks just like that spot where yumiko would go to draw every day
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Maximum bullying,

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Is it bad that I've never laughed at a manga?
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I don't laugh either, my soul is a void of emptiness that lighjt can't reach and only is able to let out a smirk at thesight of my bloodied enemies (christian mind washing cult *ahem* church) but never a real laugh there's to much darkness on the world to loosee time laughing.
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Now that the dust has settled. What is /a/ verdict on Death Note
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Light dindu nuffin
Not as good as teenagers think it is but still pretty good.
Nigga should've just killed the people who were investigating him while he had the chance instead doing all those mental gymnastics.

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>transfer student
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>MC is Japanese
>not cell animated
>explaining their world's alternate history

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This has been one of the worst seasons I have ever had to go through.

Going with Sana as that's the only show I haven't dropped. Don't even like the frazzled bitch.
best boy of all time

>NTR in my family-friendly anime
No fucking way
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Kogoro can't be ntr'd
Daily Reminder that 2017 is the year of NTR
nah, cuck fetish is dying out according to analytics

/a what Is the best stand?
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ASK no more
Star Platinum: The World Over Heaven

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Can tomboys have long hair?
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I' m gay
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Tomboy is a state of mind. Hell the best tomboy also have huge tiddies. Bonus points for trying to hide that fact.

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Thoughts on Re:Monster?

Is it the best isekai of all time?
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I can't believe this shit is still going.
/tg/ does isekai better

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>Best Isekai

That would be this.

was she a good written character?
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She basically drops dead development wise outside of Ikki the second after she lost to Ikki. They could've had her, Ikki and Ayase gang up on Shark Boy at least.
Do you seriously expect LN-based anime to be good written?

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Episode 11 aired yesterday, why is there no thread about it?
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Why did you drop this?
>Episode 11 aired yesterday


s4 when

I like girls whom wear the crazy on their sleeve.
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>girls whomst'd've'th'er wear the crazy on their sleeve
>girls who crazy sleeve wear on their

Silly rabbit. Tricks are for ____
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Because blue hair is literally the best hair color for 2D girls.

This is indisputable.

Do you like Uzuki's smile?
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No, but I like her friend Honda Mio.
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Please be nice to Uzuki.
I want to take a big whiff then be disappointed when it smells exactly like what is expected.

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