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What's the Male equivalent of Tomoko?
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Oh wait, he's actually a well written character, not a waifubait moeblob.
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>waifubait moeblob
I don't think Satou would be the equivalent though.

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Will you watch next season's guaranteed top-selling anime?

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swords are so boring.

Fistfights are the best
Man, the plot was the worst part of Hanamaru. I don't have much confidence in this.

Also why does every character have a different designer? What's the point of that?
Hanamaru had a plot?

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Mid-way results for the Bang Dream 1st Girl Election.

HHW are on their way to getting a new song.

-GBP will be appearing at Comiket

Roselia was on Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang Dream

New Bang Dream manga series in Korokoro Aniki

Flowerstand is being organised for Poppin Party's appearance at Bushiroad Grand Fest
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Shit taste
My Keyboard can also change the timbre. Would Kasumi say that it's amazing?

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Worst girl
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That's this shit.

Eriri a best.
Megumi a cute.
Utaha a shit.
Wrong. Eriri a shit and worst girl. Most agree, etc.

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does /a/ like giant girls?
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>giant but has a flat ass

What's even the point then?
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Just curious...what giant girls use as toilet when they need to pee or poo?

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>Captain Tsubasa, Dragon Ball Super, Pokemon X & Y, Saint Seiya are returning to public TV in Mexico

>One Punch Man getting Mexican dub

>Koe no Katachi, Fairy Tail Dragon Cry, SAO, etc having great success in Mexico

Is this it bros? Is the Golden Age of anime in Mexico coming back?
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Those are shit shows and deberias estar avergonzado de postearlos.
No todos esos shows se pueden ver en internet, la ultima vez que los otakos se pusieron a ver anime en la TV fue ya hace mas de 13 anhos cuando Toonami lo pasavan a las 5 de las tarde y FoxKids todavia estava en el aire.
go back to containment

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>character does something weird which could be potentially funny
>"straight man" ruins the joke by explaining out loud what's unusual about what is happening
Why can't japs into comedy?
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Name one anal that does this.
Yeah fuck you. You can't even post Iori reaction without the shitty anal meme.
Wrong. An experienced anal idol like Iori takes regular enemas to avoid accidents.

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What style is this
Reminds me of 7 years hand drawn and Keyman.
Also yeah it's really cool.
Black and white

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>There are people here who unironically don't like Miyazaki
Explain yourselves.
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They hate kino.
It's not that I dislike him, I simply do not care about him. He has made some good stuff, sure, but he has never created anything truly great. He has never rocked the industry to its core, a feat even that talentless hack Anno has achieved. Basically he's irrelevant. Apparently only shitposters from /tv/ care about him, talk about pathetic.

>Get done watching Index/Railgun anime
>"This is a piece of shit with terrible writing"
>Watch this
>"I am so sorry, Index/Railgun."

Have you ever watched something that made you actually make you forgive another anime just a little bit?
And why are light novel adapts such shit? They should all be burned[/spoiled]
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I can't relate since I've never been retarded enough to think bad series like Raildex or anything Gainax/Trigger has ever made are the very bottom of the barrel.
This is less about a bad series and more about why people let these fuckers still adapt things like light novels when they are such trash
Wasn't Tanya a LN adaptation?

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Can we have a thread dedicated to the best female MC in anime- Ririchiyo?
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I can't look at this character without feeling bad about what happened to the author
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At least she made the ending happy.
>google it
that's shit

When did the late to school toast thing start?
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Beginning of time
Doraemon had this. I don't remember anything older than that.

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Post characters that didn't deserve that ending
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she had like 10 minutes of screentime and didn't really do much. It was just an obligatory death to be shocking, not really a good character
>when the parasyte worm enters your dickhole while you're furiously masturbating, pinching off its means to access the blood stream and thus your brain
the possibilities are endless
That would be terrible. You'd have to wear a skirt or risk having a hole in the dick area of your pants when it wants to come out

Also your dick would be gone

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Post yfw when someone calls your favorite anime shit.
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nice wrong opinion, asshole
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>you will never live in a perfect fantasy world where dreams come true and everyone is a fundamentally good person with sincere intentions
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I want to fuck this N girl
This show would have been better if Eli, Rin and Hanayo (and maybe Honoka) had been dropped
Fuck off

They had better character development in the second season

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