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How are you?
This is not the first response I expected.

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gal gohan is better
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What is she licking?
>beta MC

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Are we ready for Kiki's Delivery Service 2?

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Who the fuck used the monkey paw?
Cup Noodles blessed the best Final Fantasy game and the best Ghibli movie.

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Madoka Kaname loves sharing!
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Sharing what?
Love friendship and salvation?
Hope she can share her beautiful friends with me

How can I become this happy?
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Why are the scans so far behind? Where's the interest?
That's just an adrenaline rush.

I've always thought the main draw for most was the relationships between the cyclists rather than what's actually going on in the race. Male scanlators wouldn't find this interesting to work on and females would be fujos who'd care more about the fanart/doujin.
You need to be weak shit and literally ride so hard you nearly die every time you push your limits.
Also more oxygen.

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New chapter out.
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Is this a harem or a CGDCT?
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CGDCT that sometimes involves romcom-level shenanigans. I wouldn't call it a harem.
Cute club doing club things
Is left best girl

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/a/ voted for their 1st round AOTS.
The top six were chosen and now it's time to decide a AOTS until majority of /a/'s strawpoll voters approve of!

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Here's the old poll:
but no no one is watching uchouten
I did, Uchouten was shit, but it was top 6 don't know why

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What are you staring at?
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Onsokumaru's chiseled physique
Kaede's girlfriend who has a soft body.

Where is season 2 of this masterpiece?
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Was Code Geass ever actually good or was it just the phenomenon, the group experience watched it together that fooled us into thinking so?
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Do you really need to ask? You just look at that trainwrecks art and should know the answer. I honestly dont even get why normalfags rate it so highly.
It had its moments for me.
Overall the series was a wild ride, even if a bunch of it was "so bad it's good" kind of deals that just made it hilarious.
I guess an example where the material isn't necessarily 'good', but the resulting experience with it was entertaining enough to outweigh its shortcomings.
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>You just look at that trainwrecks art and should know the answer.
I thought the art direction was one of the best things about the show, if anything. It was...interesting.

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This is your sword tonight
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she can get in the uniform then
Can I fuck my sword?
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You can use it anyway you want

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I've never been to America, is this true?
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Usually there is a stabbing too, but yeah that's the gist of it.
Primarily a nagger thing from the 80's, originating in gang culture. Literal "secret handshakes" that took off and became mainstream. Dying down though. Haven't seen it around too much recently
Yes, but not to this extent. The most I've seen is a four-step handshake

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>MC used to be a Nice Guy™ until he got sick of being bullied and not getting any pussy
>Lifts and becomes MChad,turning into a bad boy
>Female friend comes back into his life but hates what he has become and wants him to be a Nice Guy™ again
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I can think of literally only one example of this.
There's middle ground between a pussy and an asshole.

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How can one show have so much going on and be directed so well yet be so boring at the same time?
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Either it's not well directed or it's not boring, it can't be both.
its just to mundane and episodic.

>it hadnt pandered with my autism therefore its bad
BONES is king of style over substance. Almost all of their shows are the exact fucking same despite having wildy different premises and sources. Seriously you could watch their fucking Gundam show and you'd be surprised how close it is to Kekkai Sensen.

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People actually like this? How is this any different than your typical shonen shit like Naruto and One Piece?
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that parody sucked
le random faces and jokes
much like the stupid parody that you posted a screenshot out of

le goku taking a crap is comedy genius like mario taking shrooms and getting drugged up and becoming a racist

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