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Anime original edition
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200 years ago, several archeologists discovered a lost continent south of Earth in the aftermath of a paranormal phenomena that claimed millions of lives. Since then, haunting spirits that come out of nowhere can corrupt anyone who commits a sin considered as harmful at one point in his/her own life, eventually trapping them through material ways such as mirrors and books in which their voices can be heard only by the Gifted Ones, persons who harbors superpowers through chance such as telepathy and premonition. Among those is an orphaned young boy named Heins, who believes has lost most of his memories, works at a tavern run by a middle-aged man. Unable to remember anything regarding what happened to his past without feeling uneasy, he experiences daydreams everyday while imagining various theories over the memory loss. While going on a errand in downtown, Heins meets a flying spirit who looks like a little girl whom he mistakes her for a ghost because of her inability to be seen by anybody other than the gifted. The spirit girl grow very close to the boy and almost always follow after him even when alone, eventually naming her Luna. Unbeknownst to the forming of a contract by the spirit girl while coerced to go on a cave, Heins gains access to a sacred relic in the form of a oval hourglass that can act as time clock and travels the past to learn the biggest secret behind humankind's downfall and recover his lost memories only to find out he is entrapped in several parallel worlds that are essentially alternate versions of the same incident told by deceased different revisionist historians.
It's isekai, but the main charachter is from eastern/central europe and instead of teleporting into a magic world he is abducted by alien.

It is revealed that Heins once took part in a nationwide uprising aimed at overthrowing the Marxist government in his birthplace that used to be a kingdom, calling for reforms and return to democracy for the sake of helping cure his dead parents, only for it to end with a large-scale massacre committed by authorities and Heins is pressured to forcibly suppress his memories and is unable to find out if the rebellion actually succeeded. Despite this, Heins calls for a worldwide peace and fearlessly challenge against those who reprimand him for his actions. After travelling to the 24 parallel worlds that cover the worldwide incident that killed millions of lives to uncover the mysterious truth that it is due to man-made disaster that will ostensibly to the apocalypse at the end of millenium due tp spirits descended from the dead that watch over the events with caution, he finds the world is now tormented with terror with the presence of a evil scientist who is behind the incident. In order to save the world, Heins has to capture the doctor's soul to end suffering and entrap him on a void dimension, eventually causing the wide demise of living spirits off of Earth. The epilogue shows an agitated, overdepressed Heins crying over Luna disappearing from the world and blames himself for not bringing back his parents as he looks at the cemetery due to the vanishment of the supernatural in the aftermath. Neverthless he continues looking back his recovered memories and go back living a peaceful life.

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ITT: Characters that you can beat up in a fight
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King's Avatar

I thought it was pretty fun
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>China makes best anime of the season
How will Weebs ever recover?
>made by that one faggot

This is literally my first time making a thread on /a/ in months, just wanted to know what people thought of the anime since I just finished it last night.
Is Chinese anime frowned upon here or something?

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Chapter 7. Needs proofreading and TL checking.
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Of a theoretical Saber/Shirou kid, a Rin/Shirou kid, and a Sakura/Shirou kid, which one would be best positioned to win a Holy Grail War?
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Rin/Shirou obviously, Saber can't "have" children, plus dat magic circuitry.

Sakura and Shirou are the freaks of the group. So they are the wild card if put together.

Rin/Shirou would have the really strong all/arounder, but it would be average in specific things.

Saber can't have kids now.
Rin and Shirou

Sakura has worms and Saber probably can't have kids

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You may not like it, but this is what the real black swordsman looks like.
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>the REAL black swordsman
He's probably never been black'd
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>this thread again
Sage for you being a candy-ass child.

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I will put an end to "How big is too big" discussions once and for all.
If the view of the midriff is is in any way inhibited due to tits, they're too big.
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Not quite patrician taste tier observation, but certainly a nice thing to keep in mind.
Is the implication here that midriffs are more important than tits? Because if so, I agree
Ochako got the best bust Yaoyorozu's is good for her age and her 20's,but will sag horribly once she reaches her 30's. Ochako's will stay consistent.

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Has anyone ever been more right?
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Tall flat girls are the best.
they are men
I'll fight you

She was perfect. Such a shame Asterisk was terrible.
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Julis is better
Julis was best. Saya was second best. Kirin was third best, really.
Ok if you say so

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So, what are /a/s thoughts on Josuke and Okuyasu's Excellent Adventure, anime adaptation?
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8/10 it's ok
Would've been good if not for all the filler garbage.
I want a spinoff manga that's just Josuke and Okuyasu doing Josuke and Okuyasu things

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Second cour visuals
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Jesus fuck I forgot this was two cour.
is anyone even still watching this? does anyone actually like this?
Ufffff...I'm waiting for the restart of sakurada arc.

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I don't get it. Why won't she just call the cops?
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Because it is a hentai anime
If she went to the cops they would rape her too
Because, as all eroge/ero anime heroines do, she enjoys some hard fucking.

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this fucked up pic bruh.jpg
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What the actually fuck is this?!?
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I've seen it but can't find this specific scene in screenshot folder.

Almost sure it's doomed megapolis but it might be one of the other period ovas.
My fetish.

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Last year we had Re Zero, before that was One Punch. Has there been an anime that defines this year?
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Fuck off.
You're retarded.
Winter 2017 had a LOT of year defining shows. Kemono Friends, Maid Dragon, Kuzu no Honkai. These shows will be as synonymous with 2017 in future years as Hyouka is to 2012 or Anohana to 2011.

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Most useful character, a really reliable guy. Always comes through for you and the boys. Has very cool very angry gf who will fight you. Knows Okuyasu Nijimura. Smol.
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Your waifu is a S-H-I-T
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koichi IS my waifu

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