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>Anime Girls who are still cute after losing their virginity
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Man the recent tournament arc been boring lately.
It's been like 3 months and it's only now that the plot feels like it has progressed.
Frieza is cool and all but he honestly feels overused at this point. Jiren the guy who we are supposed to be hyped about is just a generic alien who doesn't even get any lines.

Not to mention that all of the other universes feel like a bunch of jobbers and gimmicks.

U6 Saiyans are just badly designed with most of them looking like stick figures.
Not to mention that them going SSJ easily takes away any sort of excitement you might've had for the first female SSJ.
Hit has always been a boring character to me and I don't even know why people like him. Frost is unnecessary now that Frieza is back.
The other two I don't even remember their names
It's also kinda of retarded how none of the characters care about the world being destroyed.
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It's ok U10 will save the show
U10 are the biggest shitters though.
What are you talking about swole bros are going to win the tournament

Gyaru thread

post cute tanned girls
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Just finished this, How can a man be so based?
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Cuz you haven't read the fucking manga.
Are tou trying to imply he's not based in the manga?
Anime Reigen > Manga Reigen

Would you sink to the abyss with Kongou?
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I would sink Kongou into the abyss. The kancolle Kongou, that is.

Arpeggio Kongou is pure maiden and ship of my heart!
If by abyss you mean anal and by Kongou you don't mean Kongou.

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Have you started watching Maruko yet, /a/?
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I love you dezaki-kun
is this the new kare kano

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time for genocide!.png
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it was so stupid
God I miss Geass.

Why does Chino look so bothered?
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Because she's in love
With me (her husband)
She's struggling with the knowledge that she was raped by a family member, but is more afraid to tell anyone she needs help.

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>almost same hairstyle
>same voice actor
>same studio

So, is she a Taiga from a fantasy world?
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Louise was created before Taiga, and Shana is even older.
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Maybe. But Louise is far hotter than Taiga.
So, you suggest that Taiga is Louise on Earth?

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Okay, sorry for the delay

66: The dawn spreads
[Left side] The heart just soars as high as can be
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"You should try"
[Side] The morning sun steadily arrives...
"To go to my parent's house, the Rengoku house"

"There should be some notes which the 'flame pillars' of old left behind"
"My dad often read those, but......"
"I never read them, so I dunno what's inside them"

"But there may be some record...... about this 'Dance of the fire god' you were talking about"
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"Please just stop the blood bursting with your breaths..."
"That's enough"
"Isn't there a way to plug the wound up?"

"I'm going to die very soon"
"I'm gonna talk while I still can, so hear me out"

"I want you to tell"
"my little brother Senjurou"
"That he should proceed down the path that he thinks is right, as his heart tells him to"

"Tell my father"
"To take care of his body"
"And then"
Nice, thanks.

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Today on Tomodachi Game.
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Kokorogi a shit
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well no one can beat Maria.
Best grill. I completely agree.

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Cute NPC get!
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...or not.
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Trinity Seven artist? Is this 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru

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fgo sabers hoody.png
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What SEIBA is the best SEIBA?
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The original.
She's the only one with a personality.

Her personality is so endearing. I love it.

Can we have a holding hands thread?
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need I remind you that this is a blue board?
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mods are asleep

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