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Still waiting for this week Viz Jump dumps
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When did he dump last week? I don't remember.

On Monday
today is monday

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Is Momo the best choice for Rito?

Nana is to childish and Nana doesn't understand a thing.
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you said nana twice, but anywas who knows, honestly after fapping to so many risa doujins I just want them to fuck in the manga too
>you said nana twice
why did this make me laugh
Fuck, Lala I mean, sorry lads

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How autistic are you going to be? Is it that weird that someone with God ki can do god techniques?
considering whis and beerus implied goku/vegeta can become god of deaths themselves, it's not that odd
but that he learned how to do it by just watching it once, that's pretty fucking stupid. Unlike the kamehameha it's not just focusing energy in a giant ball, it's a specific method. Remember how goku had to train a full year from masters to learn instant transportation?

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Is this a masterpiece?
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Only once I mindbreak her by sounding her dick.
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Stop that.
>he doesn't want to watch Lady Oscar panting and sobbing as she orgasms again and again from violent penile penetration

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I want to fuck her little sister
I'm fairly certain this is the first anime I ever watched, did I make a good first choice?

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How do we innovate the Magical Girl genre?
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Have Flip Flappers be the new template instead of Madoka.
more guns
there's nothing wrong with it. it isn't broken.

madoka and nanoha are fucking TERRIBLE though.

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wait she's not the love interest but the tsundere is?

This is really weird since the majority of scenes are between the two of them so it doesn't make any sense
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>This is really weird since the majority of scenes are between the two of them so it doesn't make any sense

Main Heroine =/= Love interest
God, this series is such shit.

>Characters in the series: Oh wow, oh no, oh jeez, Glenn is such a badass who will beat everybody
>Glenn in every single fight: I wonder how badly I can job in this situation?

Fucking hate series incapable of the very basic premise: Show, don't tell. If this series didn't have characters fellating Glenn's dick ever five minutes I'd correctly assume he's a mediocre shit with a one shot gimmick.
Serika is the love interest, normal women don't hold a candle to OH MOMMA

With alot of shows ended/ending this week what are you all looking forward to watching (or continuing) next season?
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>definitely will watch
The Reflection Wave One
Battle Girl High School
Symphogear AXZ

>three episode rule
Knight's & Magic
Made in Abyss
Tenshi no 3P!
Action Heroine Cheer Fruits
Mahoujin Guru Guru
Princess Principal
Hina Logi

This season I only watched 4 shows and the season before that I watched 2, so 11 is a bit of an upgrade. It will be a good winter.
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I'll try the Centaur Worries anime since I read the manga, but I don't trust the studio animating it to make anything good.

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I need to fill this shit.

Considering the ones on the top are long ass shonen shit, i'll skip them, however, the ones on the bottom are also long as fuck. Where should i start? Is it worth to watch Ashita no Joe's 126 episodes? Should i rather progress with 40 episode mecha or a bunch of short slice of life/romcoms?
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What the fuck? /a/ isn't your personal advisor, you idiot. Figure these things out yourself.
What a shit chart.
If you think a chart by a guy who considers a fucking food analogy the peak of his own writing a good source for anime recommendations then you have a problem.
Also stop being an elitist shithead and watch shows you enjoy.

Name a worse anime.

Protip: You can't.
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Dragonball Super
Berserk 2016.

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How did Iketani fuck this up?
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is this initial d?
Why didn't he give her the D?
Why is Takumi saying such lewd things?

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the megumeme
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Zero thread
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Megumin is best girl
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schierke is cute!

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So there's no question he's autistic, right?
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Nah, just fucked up because his life is so terrible.

>Published writer before he even graduated high school

I fucking wish my life was so terrible.
>in japan
big fucking deal

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What the fuck was her problem?
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She's perfect. What do you mean by "problem" anon?
She doesn't know how to have fun.
she has drive to do more with her life but wants to spend it with friends who will be leaving her behind.

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>he doesn't keeps his loli on a leash
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That is my wife. B-back the fuck off?
I fucking hate all of you

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