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What makes a great eyecatch, /a/?
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Haha, got your eye.
Something that summarize the entire show.
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I miss Locodol. I miss Pleiades too.

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>make a masculine man
>call him a faggot
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Were you somehow not aware that homosexual men are sexually attracted by masculinity?
Ryu a best
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could it be the haircut?
and limp dicked shonen MCs are the ones women are really lusting after huh?

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These are your sisters for tonight
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I wish. i would kill hundreds for a chance at that.
Up, up, down, down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Biko, Ako.
not blood related sisters*

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Just bought pic related at Walmart for 20 bucks +tax...

it's an incredible deal. It has Seasons 1 and 2 of Dragon Ball Z....

Is this the only set that exists like this or will they continue to make more? Like Seasons 3+4 and 5+6 and so on?

At this price,I can see myself getting the entire series.
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Ancient hardware
there is literally no reason to not get it on blu ray
I've got all the sets and I'll sell them to you for just 100$ if you like.

No joke,

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Post despair
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the ultimate depression.jpg
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120% zetsubou

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What does /a/ think of the first season of this?
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It's okay. With how much /a/ shits on it, I went into it expecting less but ended up enjoying it. It's still pretty overwhelmingly edgy at times and obviously gets too hyped by casuals, but at the very least it was enjoyable.
A rushed mess. Still better than root A.

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Who's the better hero?
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Should be between the two best characters from their respective series:
Bakugou and Genos.
Obviously deku
Ibviously genos

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Chapter 3/Part 4 of Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World is out: http://missstormcaller.tumblr.com/post/162010080312/cant-fear-your-own-world-part-4-full-translation

>Hanataro seems to be a noble. Probably a minor one.
>His brother is really nasty. He seems like a wicked combination of Gin and Komamuro.
>Hanataro actually didn't heal Urahara's eyes. Urahara simply has a lot of respect for his healing abilities. For all we know, Urahara might still have no eyes.
>Mizuru wasn't talking about Karin. She was talking about Ururu.
>The founder of the religious sect is not a guy. It's actually the woman Michibane Aura. She is not his sister, but rather a sister (as in a nun, though she dresses not very holy). This also means that the religious sect is rooted in Christianity, making the Michibana the third Christian person in the series (Äs Nödt and Ginjou are the other two).
>The sect claims to want to enter a new ideal world (either Soul Society or the the old world I guess). They also talk about how an ideal world should be (hello Aizen).
>Michibane Aura has apparently the ability to perform miracles and talks a lot about how she sees the future. Though the way she presents it, makes it difficult to tell whether she can actually see the future (hello Yhwach) or if she is just throwing religious hocus pocus around.
>While not surprising, it's made clear that she has no interest in Yukio's money. But rather it seems she is more interested in gathering Fullbringers.
>Yukio's company is evolving into feeding ground to gather Fullbringers from all over the world, starting with Riruka and Jackie. It's probably why Michibane wants his cooperation. That makes the name of the sect "XCUTION more interesting.
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Can't wait till the novel releases. Really wanna see the sketches.


>making the Michibana the third Christian person in the series (Äs Nödt and Ginjou are the other two)
A bunch of Arrancar were clearly Catholic. Don Dordonni, for example, compares Ichigo's compassion to "The Holy Mother".
>anime never
Wow this manga went full shit. Glad I dropped it in 2011.

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Left ir right
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Both at the same time.
Fuck your shit.

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Even the mods bully Tapris by deleting her threads
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Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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Tapris of anger.png
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Tapris deserves more threads.
Not cute enough

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prey the yaoi away.jpg
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Anyone else looking forward to this?

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I love exorcism type stuff like this and it looks interesting. But for some reason I can't shake off that it looks like fucking fujobait
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I'd watch it but it looks like fujoshit. Shame because it looks cool.

Come up with nicknames for anime characters.

Sluts Fucksaplenty
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lets be real, if any of the raibus were a slut, it'd be Nico or bird
>lets be real
Honkers a slut alright
All of them are.

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Kiki in this new artstyle isn't that bad, right?

Why the so many dislikes?
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new art style makes her look a bit like a young Carole Ann Ford to me (or perhaps it's the hair)?
>Why the so many dislikes?- 2 posts shown.
Because Kiki should never grow up. She needs to stay an eternal loli.

This bullshit makes me furious.

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I'll start, don't forget to r8 and h8.
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>Junko being a master

She would just order her servant to kill themselves in the most despair inducing way they can think of.

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Is Illya a feminine personality or is she more of a tomboy?
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Stop posting this every day, there is an Illya thread up already
It's the same picture but not the same thread!
Tomboys don't get my dick hard therefore I can conclude that she is indisputably feminine.

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