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Why do otaku like girls who are dumb as bricks?
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They're cute, like a puppy except you can't fuck them.
Maki is shit
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Intelligent girls are cute and fuckable too

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What happen, where are the chapters 55 and 56? Is on hiatus or what.
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Its on the no-one-cares zone. No, really, it actually is, the guys working on translations dont care enough/have no time for it.
The scanlator group recently picked up a new series, maybe that's related to the unusual delay?
No, the raws came out.

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Thoughts on this?
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Not a boring show.
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It was a very nice anizzzzzzzzzzzzz

which parts of Chitanda's smooth, healthy body would you worship?
Pleb filter

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Get fucked, country girl.
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>That deck lock
Reminds me of the Yata-lock days.
All control/permission players are literally worse than Hitler
Glad this was picked up. Any other manga where a card game determines how life goes?

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This is a Grand Couturier. Say something nice to her!
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Best girl!
I like you, you deserved a happier ending and hot loving sex with Ryuuko
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Is this what perfection looks like?

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What would /a/ do with the materia sisters on chrisumasu eve in June ?
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>People willingly watched an ad for figurines and claim its AOTS
It's gayer than Yuru Yuri, that makes AOTS for sure.
Something involving a hairdryer and FAG screaming.

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Anon, your maid is walking around the house barefoot again. Please make her put some shoes on.
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Barefoot is the best. I love it.
>shoes on in the house
Burger spotted.
nice meme

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I really like the show but many don't know of its existence. I wanna know people's opinion on this anime. If you like it, who is your favorite character? Mine is Yuuko.
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>but many don't know of its existence
>many don't know of its existence
Also it's not funny
outside of hardcore places of the internet like 4chan or reddit, many dont know about it.

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What was the last truly great season of anime?

Pic related.
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Spring 2016
There's like only 2 notable anime on the whole list. And one of them isn't even good.
>Yer kidding

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poor hisoka he was way out of his league.
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>Hisoka gets ONE (1) decent hit in on Chrollo the entire match
>Chrollo kicks the living shit out him multiple times
>Stomps on his face
>Puts him on the ruse cruise
>Blows his hand off
>Blows his leg off
>Literally baseball pitches audience members at him
>He even has the time to try on different clothes
>Does Michael Jackson poses while dodging his attacks
>9/11's the shit out of him
>Styles on him so bad he doesn't even have to fight
>Even that ONE (1) decent hit was used to fuck him over in the end
>Outright kills him with no effort at all
>The clown is so salty and frustrated over being BTFO so easily by Chrollo that he resorts to killing his friends but is too much of a weak pussy to go after Chrollo himself

How will Hisokeks ever recover?
>b-but chrollo maybe cheated in a no hold's barred deathmatch

>Chrollo was running and hiding from Hisoka
>Chose the fight location
>admits that Hisoka is the person that made him steal the most Hatsus in order to kill
>needed to rework his main Hatsu so he could absolutely defeat Hisoka
>was using hit and run tactics and a clone army to weather down Hisoka

lets not act like it was an easy win for Chrollo, dude prepped for this shit cause he knew Hisoka was no joke, now he's paying the price for not blasting that clown to bits

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This is your favorite picture of Illya.
Post your favorite picture of Illya.
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I never see this Manga getting proper threads, so seeing how a new (and important) chapter is out, I'm gonna dump it, maybe that helps out.
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Why didn't Guts just mercy-kill Griffith? It's not like he wasn't already dead at that point, and he could've prevented the additional deaths of his comrades.
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>he could've prevented the additional deaths of his comrades.
How was he supposed to know that?
>How was he supposed to know that?
Zodd warned him, my guy.

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ITT: Write a love letter to your waifu
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Hey bitch. Suck my dick.
Please come back

Is there any reason people like Eromanga Sensei other than "muh cute girls"? I think the show is absolute garbage & am confused about the show's hype.
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Still better than your favorite anime.
This show sure has better characters than Boku no Hero Academia
forgot meme face :^)

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