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Was Ryouka just too big for her own good?
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Not big enough in show.

That image there still has some room to grow too.
this guy gets it

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People don't give Detective Conan enough of a chance, honestly.
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terrible character designs
It's too fucking long
I will when I someday find myself in timeless void with somehow a computer and internet.

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I'm most of the way through Kumamiko - Machi's totes adorbs, but just way too sheltered and probably slow.

I want to like the characters or the show, but I just can't muster the fucks to give. Were they fair to country folk, or just plain disrespectful?
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Don't watch the ending.
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But it's the truth.
>totes adorbs
ironic shitposting is still shitposting
if you even are being ironic

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What ethnicity is Annie? Armin is clearly Aryan, but that gigantic snout makes me question Annie.
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maybe a slavshit

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Got a gal named Sue,
She knows just what to do,
She rocks to the east,
She rocks to the west,
She's the gal I love best.
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just bring more PLEASE!!!
Her tit stank
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Gal a best

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To the guy who said this had weak characters/story, you were right. It was a pretty decent fantasy anime we don't see a lot of, but it ultimately failed to move beyond mediocrity.

1. The biggest problem, hands down, was that the show really wasn't leading to anything interesting. It played out in an extremely predictable and almost empty way. The danger was the danger we thought it was all along. The bad guys were the bad guys we thought all along. There was no subversion, Chekhov's gun, or anything like that. I mean, seriously? The demons are evil and Bahamut really is the world's destructor? One bad guy wanted to rule the world and the other wanted to watch it burn? Neither of those are particularly interesting ideas.

1. The show never gave us much of a reason to like the protagonist. He some likable things, sure, but you never got the impression that he really cared about the people he's traveling with. And it's not like he went through an arc or character change. He was the same guy start to finish. And what he lacked in heroics he could have made up for by being a magnificent bastard. But he was in over his head most of the series and rarely pulled off a victory when it counted. Which leads me to the next point:

2. A trickster hero was wasted on this role. The entire point of tricksters is that they're supposed to solve problems by outsmarting people and being unpredictable. Favaro did that when it was unnecessary (cutting off Kaiser's hand to trick Martinet was overkill) and didn't do it when it would have been appropriate (he solved the world ending crisis by stabbing it with a sword? seriously?).

3. What was the theme of this even supposed to be? Changing fate? Finding your family? None of that really matches the story. If anything, it showed that fate couldn't be avoided.
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not gonna read all of that gay shit
not even one letter
Season 2 is better.

Fuck off, cancer.
I felt that this took a nosedive after they found that green dragon or whatever that was
But I really liked it

What is wrong with this girl?
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She lost her real father then lost her stepfather and real mother. If it wasn't for nii-san, the love of her life, she'd have killed herself already.
this is what you get when you put a sking of a cute gril on top of a smelly fat NEET otaku
Avoidant personality disorder, exasperated by the fact that her reclusive behaviors are consistently enabled and even encouraged by her caretaker.

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hillary is a titan.jpg
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>OP is sung by the protagonist's VA in character
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>OP is sung by BOTH protagonists
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>Main cast sing the OP & ED
Don't get a VA to do a musician's job, you'll only make trash
but thats goat

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No CGI Berserk.png
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3 full minutes without CGI makes this scene the best in both Berserk 2016 and 2017.
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How 'bout you post the scene.
The 2D art looks so good because they didn't have to create entire episodes out of 2D. That's just my guess.
Since it is the last episode they may have used their remaining budget to offer us this scene. For an instant it was just as we had a proper anime adaptation of Berserk. I nearly cried.

You should be able to solve this.
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First you take a shower, complete your morning hygiene rituals. Then check the weather and prepare appropriate clothing. Eat a well balanced breakfast and ensure that you aren't leaving anything important behind. After that, leave your house and don't forget to turn off all the lights and lock the door.

That is the procedure for going out (morning variation).

1. Call up whoever you're meeting, tell them something important came up
2. Change out of your stuffy clothes and put on something comfy
3. watch anime and browse 4chan simultaneously
>(assumingly continuous) probabilistic data structures with some basic statistics and integrations


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image (5).jpg
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>loli wants to lose her virginity to guy she likes (MC) before she becomes a full-fledged prostitute
Fuck this stupid fucking faggot, fuck the japanese language. Sure, he would've probably tore her in half with his gargantuan junk, but I think that that would be a very practical defloration for a young whore.
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I'm not sure what the Japanese language has to do with this
Because she used a word that could be interpreted in two different ways.
What's this manga?

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What was Anno trying to convey with this scene?
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Desire to connect with another human being combined with crippling fear of the consequences. The entire theme of the show.
Jacking off to teenage girls feels good at the time, but when you're done you feel weird.
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fuck I think you're right

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It was good. Movie rushed many key things, but it kept the spirit of the original. KyoAni did a lot of scenes really, really well.
A really terrible movie, everything feels forced as fuck for the sake of shitty melodrama and there's little to no actual build or justification for most of what happens. Also the direction is fucking horrendous, nonsensical cuts and the whole thing is smothered is chromatic aberration, it just comes off as really amateur.
Too much chromatic aberration.

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kek ai.png
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Why do I feel like I wasted my time?
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Cause best girl is gone.
>I don't know what the fuck is going on the anime

I suppose that's a part of it's charm. At the very least, the ED was god tier.

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ITT: Characters that did nothing wrong
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Kohaku did nothing wrong.
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