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>no rin
I love this chapter
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Much appreciated Onsafag.
no problem fellow reader
I'd even put my differences aside with rinfags to enjoy the chapter
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Guess I'll dump it too

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How do you feel about cigarettes in anime?
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disgusting and degenerate, my mom said winners never smoke and to tell u the truth i think she has a point
*flick* *flick*

>Two guys who genuinely want to help demis bond over a couple cigs
Is there a more heartwarming show with a good message? I can feel myself becoming less racist with every episode. How do we rid the world of prejudice so we can live together in peace? JUST BECAUSE A PERSON LOOKS DIFFERENT FROM YOU DOESN'T MEAN THEY'RE NOT A PERSON JUST LIKE YOU.
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I've been awakened to my true calling.
vampires are incompatible with humans. They need to suck blood to live, and have an unstoppable desire to both bite and feed on humans. We give them blood to satiate this, but eventually that won't be enough. They'll demand more and more blood, and where is it going to come from? Will the government order us humans to donate our blood to satiate the vampire's desires? Are they really prepared to start kicking doors down and extracting blood by force? And what happens when that's not enough? Will they start taking blood from blood banks to give to the vampires? What if your child dies because no blood was available, all because some fucking vampires demanded more that month or they'd attack people in the night? How would you feel them? At what point will you admit that humans are being held hostage by vampires? Forced to give up their blood to keep the vampires at bay? It'd be like a city paying murderers and criminals not to rob and rape and kill. It's a hostage situation with a group that literally cannot control their bloodlust. And even if we do provide them with enough blood, the need to bite and chew is just as strong as the desire to drink blood. Accidents will happen, and people will be killed. How do you explain to a mother that a vampire exsanguinated her little girl while she slept and there's nothing the police can do to prevent such a tragedy from happening? On top of that, since vampires are a protected class of people, the vampire who killed the child will receive no punishment? How do you justify that to a populace that grows more weary, fearful, and angry each passing day? Eventually you won't be able to, and they'll take to the streets with torches and stakes to kill every last monster in their town.

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What makes a good survival manga, /a/?
What are your favorites?
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have you read suicide island ? its got a lot of outdoors facts and themes
i haven't, but thanks, it looks interesting.
I liked hajime no ippo

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Son of Miyazaki Hayao(Miyazaki gorou) is more handsom than father.
But his talent is soso.
Have you seen his work?
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When his daddy dies he's gonna make a tribute tribute movie to honor his father and it's gonna be shit. He will be shat on so much that he will be forced to commit seppuku and it will be glorious.
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Actually father itself against gorou to make anime movie.
In fact he was archtecture and not animeter. Hayao was super angry when he stated anime. Hayao saied ”I have never heared gorou wanted to make anime when he was child, if so I trained him”. But his ability of makeing anime is lik by lil getting better. Ganbatte gorou desu。
He's not bad. Certainly not masterpiece tier but From Up On Poppy Hill is a good watch.

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rin idol.jpg
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This is Rin, a popular idol.
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What makes her popular?
Her face when she is fucking pissed.
Her smelly anus

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Are you ready for BigMeme to get BTFO?
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YES. And first for PEDRO
Why would you make another thread?
There's a thread already here
SaNafags are so mad
Dude you're literally the same guy. Good job evolving to LuNa shitposting though.

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You're in the City and this guy shoots a black hole into your cyborg girlfriend's ass. What do you do?
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Dive for cover before the explosion consumes me, too. GBEs can be pretty indiscriminate.

And it wasn't my girlfriend. Even cyborg bitches are repugnant.
fuck the hole
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Are you saying you wouldn't want a qt cyborg gf to protect you from all the bad silicon life?

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Times when you considered giving up on anime
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That was a weird scene, not in a good way
>I almost gave up anime because this girl didn't win!


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How can she be so sexy when she is only 14?
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>not jacking off to superior girl yunyun
Because you're a disgusting pedo.
Kill yourself
Because she's built for sex

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great sound track. terrible anime
Sea Kittens

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Did krillin make a mistake choosing android 18 over maron?
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named his daughter after her so he could have both
But 18 gives him money, and is stronger than him so there's no loss.
>Did krillin make a mistake choosing android 18
There is no circumstance in which this makes sense. There is no DB girl that would make 18 look like a mistake in comparison.

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does /a/ like big girls?
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for you
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no, /a/ likes little girls

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This is annie leonhardt
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That is a ((("Woman")))

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>Hey anon, I heard you were into short girls, is it because you are short too?
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No, I'm 6'4". It's because I have a small dick.
I'm into tall girls too

but whenever I see arulumaya I just want to hug her all day

Yes ;_;

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