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Post your favourite anime opening
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I liked Guilty Crown's first opening and a lot more than it's second one.

Another one would be FMA Ready Steady Go.

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I'm not crying
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This is going to be a full spoiler thread so whatever

Ushio dying make me tear up a bit but for some reason the Fat Guy in Cowboy Bebop that gets crushed by a robot makes me cry everytime.
This was sad as fuck, but I was already numb at this point, after the whole sunflower scene and everything leading up to it.
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I binged Clannad and Afterstory in one go over a weekend and felt like complete shit afterwards.

The hero deaths in Stardust Crusaders was pretty hard hitting.

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>There is no back story to Frieza
>all we know is that he ruled the universe and has a father
>Literally nothing known about his childhood, species, or rise to power
>Real opportunity to explore this element
>He could have went off and did his own thing and crossed path with the Sayians later on
>Could of showed flashbacks of when he was young
>Could have explored his origins
>NOPE, hes going to train for 4 months so he can achieve the biggest power boost in DB history
>Dont even show his training process of how he got stronger
>They literally brought him back just to kill him again
Why did they pander so fucking hard with this?
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>Transformation is just a palette swap
>Turns out he knew about Buu and Beerus all along
>Knew that they were both stronger than him
>Knew he could train to get stronger but didnt because "Nobody ever posed a threat"
>Thinking a paranoid tyrant like frieza wouldnt have achieved his peak just so he could take Buu and Beerus if he ever crossed paths with them
Yeah, that sounds like bad writting.
Toriyama finished his work ages ago, he doesn't give a shit anymore, he just wants money

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King of Gains.jpg
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What was the best duel in OG Yugioh? Who was best boy and why is it a tie between Joey and Yugi?
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Episode 0, obviously. Seeing green-haired Kabia get his butt kicked gave me a boner unlike any other.
Marik against Joey always stuck with me.

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Black_ultimate goal.png
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Black appreciation thread
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Reminder that Black is one of the few villains that has successfully killed Goku.

And that Super is no longer following the original DBZ Goku, but a new one since the original Goku was killed.
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Hey Oz, they really love you!
Literally the shittiest arc in DB history. It started out cool and then kept getting worse with all the shitty time travel paradoxes.
>tfw Zeno, the lord of all universes, doesnt transcend time and there are now two of them in one timeline
>tfw goku and vegeta dont die when klinging to the outside of the time machine while traveling through time
>tfw Future Trunks is stronger than SSB Vegeto

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Who wants to buy this.
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I'd get the tie if I was some soulless salaryman

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What did you expect Majin Buu to be like?
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not pink and gay
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Two really strong badass guys named "Maj" and "Bu" because that's what I thought they were saying. I wasn't dissapointed when I saw the real Buu though because I watched enough DBZ to know that appearances can be deceiving.
lol, yea. I was disappointed too. Especially after the awesome Vegeta vs Goku arc previously. But even then

>Vegeta only did it because he was mind controlled
>Vegeta was only able to fight Goku in the first place because of Bibidi's buffs
Come on. So lame. Just suck all the character drama out of the plot, why don't you. It should have been a fight with Buu, which prompts Vegeta to then turn coat. DBZ should have ended with Veggie and Gaku killing each other

>main character is perfect and never loses
What's the point?
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that is the point, numbnuts
It's funny to see other characters trying to take MC down and fail miserably.
In the case of Sakamoto however there is one opponent he will lose to cancer
But Sakamoto loses his life in the end.

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DIjw-v9UIAEZqmZ.png orig.png
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774 just got his own original series
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>another NTR bait series
Why is this trash genre getting the yuri treatment?
I can tell it will be instantly better than Takagi-san.

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>This is the story about the daily life of a young siscon novelist, Itsuki Hashima with his perfect little sister Chihiro

Are you ready for the anime?
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I'm ready for the shitposting
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I spot Kantoku designs, I watch.

They better not fuck this up.

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Admit it.
You cried.
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I did indeed. I miss my high school friends. The fact I keep having dreams where I'm late for my next class, but don't remember what class it is, doesn't help.
Who didn't? I still get goosebumps whenever I watch that episode.
I didnt , coz i never watched the series

what di you think of s-CRY-ed /a/
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Pacing was fucked and both Kazuma and Ryuho were an unlikable pieces of shit.
Best final episode in anime. Just two bros punching the shit out of each other for the hell of it.
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I would've dropped it if not for Straight Cougar

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Do you remeber this crazy show?
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File: 2015101015033863a.jpg (68KB, 704x1089px)Image search: [Google]
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Why are the japanese so obsessed with the West?

>pic related basically bootleg Marvel/DC Comics
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If you weren't completely fucking brain dead you would realize Western, particularly American, culture is far in away the most powerful culture on the planet. By the way there are many more manga with Eastern cultural themes than Western. Ever hear of a little work called Dragon Ball? How about Bleach or Naruto?
Why are the Americans so obsessed with the east?
>Pic related basically the chinese cartoon they drool over with the 300 other ones they watch
Because it's exotic.
Why do you watch anime?

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