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Being the self proclaimed number one bleach nerd that he is, I could see him doing something like this. I wonder what fixes and changes he'd make to improve it. Maybe he could get rid of Hitsugaya, Mono and Rukia early on so we don't have to deal with their autism or focus on Strawberry's latent sociopathy to make him more interesting.
He could also focus on making Aizen do actual villainous things like getting Orihime raped or making the captains butcher each other with KS.
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As ling as he doesn't go novel kenpachi with everything, it'd be a ton better
Narita is a far worse powerlevelfag than Kubo ever was. Kubo really only define four sets of powerlevels.
Seated officer class, captain class, above captain class and unknown. Narita however will put a specifice number to each and every one and he'
>Seated officer class, captain class, above captain class and unknown
Unknown is basically transcendent class

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its to my knowledge that after jojo part 6, it takes place in a different universe, so does anyone know if id be lost if i were to skip to steel ball run?
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8 is same universe as 7
so you're fucked
You absolutely must not under any circumstances skip Steel Ball Run because it is the best part.
isnt steel ball run part 7? Im not skipping it, im skipping TO it

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Watching this right now and already hooked. I like how the characters actually have lips.
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Them juicy lips.
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Favaro is fucking fabulous in Virgin Soul...when he's actually on screen for a change.
It's a lovely show.
Just wish the sequel was more Kaisar and Favaro antics instead of YA romance.

The whole thing feels like having to do chores as a kid so you can watch cartoons.
>Now honey, you have to deal with this hoaky, boring relationship bullshit before you get to see your favorite characters do fun things.

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>tfw you were here to witness re:zero as it aired
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smug editor.jpg
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>tfw you were hear to witness CCS as it aired
kill yourself
>tfw you're a bingepleb

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When does this gets good?
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it isnt good.
From the very first episode in part 1/chapter in part 2
When Dario saves George.

Post some of the best bros from anime /a/
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Instead of fighting her, why haven't they tried talking her out of destroying the world? This whole conflict could be resolved if Soda, not that clueless mahou shoujo, went up to her and talked her out of it.
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Approaching you is pretty difficult when you are omnipotent, full of angst and are in hiding. But now she's out, The kid can't even approach her since it would break the suspension of disbelief for Meteora and the government's project.
Probably because she is a dumb shit beyond reason
>some girl gets bullied and kills herself
>now this clearly means I should destroy everything ever created

Literal garbage character
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What's the point of the world when the one you care about is not allowed on it?

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ITT: Legitimate 1/10 anime
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Your Name
Lucky Star
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What's it like to have such shit taste? Are you embarrassed all the time?

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So... Teekyuu...
Its been mentioned on /a about 0 times and I want to know what you think of it
Its been criticized for being a short memeshit, but I think its okay as far as ive seen it (s3 finished)
Am I a faggot?
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Stop talking out of your ass.
>it's been mentioned on /a/ 0 times

Doesn't /a/ have constant TQ threads while it's airing? I dropped it at S5, but I remember it was fun.
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Nasuno is best Teekyuu.

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protip: you can't
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>those hips
i actually like the op. I even downloaded the whole ep from fade afterwards bc they make really good music.

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There is only one correct answer.
Choose carefully.
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make sure to support your local musici/a/ns

It's the future and there is no Kazamori. Only Siri/Cortana/etc.

How appalling.
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Have they arrested a household appliance yet?
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Well we do have smart refrigerators so only a matter of time.
I kind of liked Un-Go

I guess that's it. DEATH finally came to us.
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Like it will come to Kirika.
Delayed subs
Two weeks no new episodes
Enjoy the calm while you can
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Kirika is handsome.

>you will never ravage the Sayakan Plains
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have you ever tried to fuck a box?
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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One day...png
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I must not like it.
Fish is the mind-killer.
Fish is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fish.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fish has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

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