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Did you?
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I pretended to.
I was one of the first. I'm sad that it's gone
I did.

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>makes a lifestyle out of deceiving men and making them think she loves them and that they have a future together, only to break their heart when she gets bored and discards them
>caused long-lasting emotional scars to untold numbers of men
>whenever memories of her cross their mind, it still hurts
>their chests still tighten, their stomachs still sink to the floor
>"awww it's okay the poor sadistic sociopath just wanted to feel something"
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Are you mad?
so...this...is the power...of female writing
Daaamn 3d women in 2d look like that?

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Nice job you figured it out my dude. Next time try to enjoy the show instead.
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all the unborn chicken voices in my head

>waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large penis and people like to be around me and beautiful women want to have sex with me all the time
>please feel sympathy for me
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>and have a large penis
Wait when did anybody comment about Rei's penis?
He literally says that he makes a living playing this shitty 'sport' that he fucking hates because it's something he has talent at.
He had a really shitty family history, though, and suffered under actual depression.

>latin music starts playing
I fucking knew it all along. This show is just sequel to Bleach, isn't it? The council are literally Espada.
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Why is Susui such a beta?
Post Meari
That girl? Why is she the Grimmjow

which was most disappointing of re:creators
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I'm upset by how little time Charon had after all that blueballing. We don't even know shit about him so there's no emotional impact on the audience when he died . But I guess developing him as much as Selesia would drag the show on way too much.
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No casual Altair episode.
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This is the best anime Anno worked on.
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>not Pop Chaser
Anyone who isn't a snowflake contrarian will tell you either Eva or Gunbuster.
>Eva or Gunbuster
>isn't a snowflake contrarian

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I don't see the appeal of this. This came off as boring and stupid.
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That's because you are boring and stupid.
phantom tits
Don't insult me it's not nice

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Would you go on tripping balls trip with Rin the Shibuya Idol from Shibuya?
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Take her onto a Native reservation and have both of you trip out on Peyote
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Rin is a degenerate

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You're now a part of the cast of your last or favourite anime.
What would you do?
How would you influence the story?
Would you consider the original plot and go with it as a support character or rather would you try to change it? How would it end?
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>Last anime: Ashita No Joe
I'd probably just be some punk in juvie, or maybe a foreign boxer.
>Favorite anime: Urusei Yatsura
Just become another one of the many side characters, hopefully get a good gag.
>Last anime: GJ-bu
Be comfy
>Favorite anime: GJ-bu
Be comfy
I would say "I love animes" in bad english accent whenever I had screentime.

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Yukino on the cover of Volume 12, this pretty much confirms it all. Yui and Iroha fans on suicide watch
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And yet again, Yukinoshits are delusional once again.
>on the second to last cover
That is a guaranteed loss. As a Yuifag I feel pretty good.

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My favourite is either re;zero or konosuba

Whats your favourite?
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Please leave
You're least favorite.

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Is there any literature you should familiarize yourself with before viewing this series and it's films? I understand it touches upon religious and Freudian themes and symbolism frequently, I'd like to make the most of my understanding of it
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Look up Oedipus, the Freudian death drive, the Jungian shadow and 'The Mysterious Stranger' short story by Mark Twain.
You think that's sufficient for me to get the jist of the themes and such?
Essentially, that covers the bases for the psychological stuff, and all the religious symbolism is, as Anno himself said, basically there because it looks cool only, so you only need to cover Freud etc. If you want more, look up interviews with Anno and other people from Gainax when you finish it.

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Asuka gets the best panels in the manga.
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>best girl gets the best panels
Not cannon so not Asuka so 'her' panels are irrelevant, like your thread.
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It would be weird if she didn't.

Did we ever knew how tall is she?
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I estimate to 5'5''.
Could you not use retarded units?
Five apostrophes and 5 question marks? Man, that's a strange unit to measure height in.

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