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/a/, I just started to watch Fullmetal Alchemist and I absolutely adore this dude. Hope to see more of him and would happy if he gets important role in the upcoming plot.
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You made this post just to hurt me.
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So if boruto and sarada had a child, would the child be the strongest shinobi to date?

Implying that boruto learns all of narutos skills and takes control of the tailed beast, and gets trained by saskue and receives his skills as well except for the sharingan of course. And sarada 100% has the sharingan, and the brute strength of sakura.

So combine all of that into one person, and they're practically god.
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But can he beat Uchiha Madara?
this desu
Go back to fanfiction.net anon...

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Step aside Balalaika, I have found a younger woman.
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I don't see any relation.
It's the ideal anime for edgy teens. Some people just never grow out of that.

Isn't that really why we're all here?

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Enough said.
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Yes, and Satsuki is Best Girl.
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Strong yes but with Ryuko as a very close second
That's some basic bitch taste, my friend.
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Second best maybe.

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Thoughts on this anime. Is this the Fist of the North Star of its genre?
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I doubt it.
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Why not?
I love big breasts!

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So uhhh.. what's the point of this character exactly?

This anime is decent so far, it's just this character feels really out of place.

I have nothing against lolicon, but this guy isn't just a lolicon, he's going full 3D pedophile.
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> this guy isn't just a lolicon, he's going full 3D pedophile
It's 2D, you nigger. He's no more or less of a "3D pedophile" than any other loli-fucking character.

Fuck off.
>It's 2D, you nigger
Well, in-universe all the characters would be 3D. So.. yeah.

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How does sailor moon transform back after she defeated her enemy?
When she is defeated conversely, her enemy often yanks or shatters her locket and makes her transformation reversed.
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every time yanks it by herself
Why does she transform back at all?
I dont remember how she transforms back.
but if the broach is damaged she cant transform again, so another way will exist.

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>Lilina at the top
>Tendou on the chart with no Chiaki in sight
Did the nips find a cure for their shit taste?
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This isn't a Japanese poll.
>shitty facebook poll
>shitty nip taste

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Why did she get the treatment she did?
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Because her show was not very interesting
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Because those titties were made for feeling
this was the first show i dropped after finishing the last episode

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Cat a best
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>for two huge reasons
Go on.
We know.
Her breasts are too big in the movie.

WTF is this sht?
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ishida is a hack.
ishida is a genius
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Where were you when Toei absolutely blew the fuck out of Kyoani working on the same source material?
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Mental gymnastics.
Not on Kyoani on this one but, their adaptation was closer/accurate to the uguu faces Key games back then.

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Katekin NTR Scene
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What would you do with a daughter like this?
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Buy her lots of slutty clothing so she doesn't grow up into a slut.

That's how it works, right?
Raising a child right has always been better than repairing damaged adults.
Pat head, read bedtime stories

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The Ultimate Thinking Man's Anime.


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My nigger.
Who was in the wrong here?
>tfw that new series by the same author is trash
hope it gets canned

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