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ITT we post obscure raw manga that will probably never be translated into english.

>[岩飛猫] お嬢と七匹の犬
Starting off with some yiffshit.
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>[安村洋平] 迷宮ブラックカンパニー
Good kind of isekai where he's weak as fuck but also and asshole and gets bossed around by furries and lolis.

Links to the raws
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>Still only person posting
growing too casual /a/

>[森山絵凪] この愛は、異端。
Some weird-ass dark shit with a male yandere demon fucking a highschooler, bullying some guy who wants to get close to her, and being a complete psychopath.

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Korean scans out.
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Anyone going to watch this?
Episode 1 airs in 30 minutes.
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I hope people do. I will at least see what it is like.
Looks like this and Battle Girl Highschool round out our "Completely fucking generic moeblob" shows of the season.
Who has this though is the big question.

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Okada+ PA Works Film

Okada directing for the first time
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NagiAsu sequel when?
>Okada directing
The birth of a new era

Ep14 previews out:
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You look kinda cool Favaro
Cheerios is spying on the ladies.
Nina defloration when

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New Godzilla trailer.
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looks like shit
Looks like total ass

What the fuck just happened?
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safety production
latin american weebs coming to manoyama to see their pure idols irl
Those dudes look more spanish than latinamerican.

I'm enjoying this as Fantasy Mecha but what even is the point for the Isekai framing? And not just in a "Isekai is an overused trash motif" but legitimately WHY in this case?

His stupid magic gunblade is the only thing that needs him having the memories of a dude from our world to exist

>He has a fetish for the Knights because he was a gunpla otaku

Just make it so that since his life was saved by a mech when he was a little kid at the brink of death, he became fascinated with them anyway

>He was a great programmer in our world so that makes him really good at magic in fantasy land

That asspull is only necessary when the reincarnate ends up as some literally who peasant or novice and the plot has to explain why he is better than the elites trained their whole lives. This kid IS one of those elites. He is from a politically connected and loaded family whose grandpa is the Academy headmaster, his father is a great pilot, and his mother is a mage of no small skill. He doesn't need *lol programming* BS when you can explain his OPness as "He's the genius child of that family, who spared no expense giving him the best training money can buy from an early age". Fuck we even saw a montage of that.

There is no point to him being some otaku code monkey reincarnated. Just making this a straight fantasy story about effeminate genius rich kid and his magic robot boner would have made it 15-20% less infuriating
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Isekai sells and that's pretty much it, if it helps you his ability to manipulate magic is beyond broken, the point is that even the most gifted ad privileged person in that world would be a shitter in comparison.
All isekai is wish fulfillment right?
>Why are things like this, when they can be like this?
Because the author fucking wanted it that way. Why have mechs at all? Why have magic? Why does it have to be fantasy? Why are there dwarves? Why does the MC like mechs at all? Why why why?

So, which songs from the pillows would you like to hear in the new season?
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New ones.

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Sensei chapter: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/OguuQMfX3K0
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Give my 20x20 minutes of my life back.
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We warned you about the forced drama bro.
Can't be helped. You could've gotten off the wagon at any time.
Lucky me, I only wasted about 15 minutes of my life because I dropped it so early.

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> Mediocre wan piss chapter got translated before the greatest shonen of our time

Explain this
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I wish this was the actual ending, fuck Gon for killing my waifu.
One Piece is more popular, perhaps? Retarded kids, western pseudo-otakus and Shōnen Jump don't really enjoy decent plot, art and characters, they're all here just for the edgy "special attack" names and boobies.

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Boichi is pretty good
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What's your favourite novel from Touhou?
Mine has to be "A Beautiful Flower Blooming Violet Every Sixty Years"
In fact, I have to illustrate the story for college
Pic Related
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This thread was moved to >>>/jp/17286151

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This is Miuna. A self-proclaimed 'bad person'. /a/'s waifu for some reason. Say something encouraging to her.
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Miuna isn't /a/'s waifu, she's the protector of our smiles.

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