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Shinka is still single, why don't you make a move?
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Just because a girl is single doesn't mean she's desirable.
There are so many girls from the same studio better than her.
H-hey there, good cooking. W-what's looking?

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Tsugumomo Chapter 100.

Dumping now.
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Pick your poison.

Ep 1: 2d 22h 19m
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I pick the WHERE ARE THE FUCKING SCANS AT, mangaupdates show up to ch 38 yet all I find is up to ch 29 on goddess and batoto.
So I and G like the twerp MC?
>using potato

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I've been recommenced to watch k-on for many, many years now and I haven't watched it, I just don't see a reason why
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It's a piece of shit.
oh, why?
Do you like cute girls doing cute things and slice of life?

> Yes
Watch it, it's pretty cute and comfy and you get feels by the end.
> No
Don't watch it.

Either way, look up the season 1 ed, it's a good music video.

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Have you ever received a warning from your ISP by torrenting anime or other Japanese media products?

I feel like there isn't much of a risk, but with more and more shows getting picked up by big companies like Netflix and Amazon I'm worried about the future.
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I'm on Comcast and I've never gotten shit.
I don't live in a shitty 3rd world country, so no.
try not living in a totalitarian shithole

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So I fell asleep last night. Woke up, went to my old thread, and found this at the end.

>Mashiba, Kawai, and Ueno are all irredeemable pieces of shit, not to mention that the writing in this series was pretty atrocious past the very beginning. It all went to shit when it stopped being about Ishida and Shouko. Most of the other characters were a mistake. I feel like the sole purpose of all females in this series was just to beat the shit out of Shouko for no reason, including Shouko herself.

I can see where dislike for Kawai and especially Ueno come from, but what the fuck did Mashiba do wrong? Nigger was literally the blandest fucker ever and only seemed to be present because he liked Kawai (or vice-versa). The only reason he stuck out were because his eyes are creepy as shit. Not gonna lie, I was expecting him to be some villainous character just because of how fucking weird his eyes were.

But onto some other meat. Should the movie have only focused on Ishida and Shouko? Would it have been natural for those two to be the only characters present the whole time?
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>Should the movie have only focused on Ishida and Shouko?
It did only focus on Ishida and Shouko. Hell, I'd go even farther and say it only focused on Ishida. The movie opens up to kid Ishida walking around like he owns the world with My Generation playing in the background and ends with Ishida opening up to the world and forgiving himself.
>Should the movie have only focused on Ishida and Shouko?
But it did.

From what I read, some people have a lot of issues with the side characters generally existing (and some even arguing that Shoko is basically a side character past the oneshot and/or her reintroduction after growing up). Are they really so distracting? They seemed like a natural consequence of Ishida and Shoko getting more "out there" and into the world.

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Who gonna be the final boss of HxH ?

The Real Threat
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>final boss of HxH
The creature in the dark continent
Is there any evidence that Pariston is a villain?
> he thinks the manga will have a proper end instead of simply disappear after the x-th hiatus

There's basically this guy who has a cute robot waifu or something and she gets killed I thing. There was something about fireworks too.
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Plastic Memories? I didn't watch it
Animal girls do cute things and become friends
It was garbage, don't worry too much about it.

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Why is Madhouse the best studio?

moe shit
>Shaft aka Shit
forced moe shit with broken necks
boring generic gundam show that should've died in the 90s
>every other studio
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All the best staff left
>liking mad shit
You're the type of guy who rewatches Chuunibyou and K-on huh must be fun doing that.

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Kill it with fire and put it out of its misery.
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2nd episode will air around 6 hours, Did you like the 1st episode enough to watch the 2nd one?

Let's wait for it.
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I want more idol concerts.
I want less idol concerts.
I want more Kaede.

>Have important character with top tier design
>Advertise the FUCK out of them
>Excellent voice acting from Toyosaki and clear fan favorite
>Give her no screentime
Can someone explain this to me? I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. Because I do believe 100% that say, if Altair had Meteora's screentime, this show would have been far more successful. Did the staff of this anime just say "yeah, people will be more interested in this bland, monotone girl instead of the actually good one that is guaranteed to print money"?
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think of the animators, you dipshit, each time she gets screen time 4 animators die
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Still best girl.
Meteora is a good girl.

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Which rabbit would be the best fuck?
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My girlfriend Sharo-chan who will MARRY me soon!
Left, those tiddies.
all 5.

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If Shirou's wants to become a hero of justice. Then why doesn't he become a fireman, doctor, or a Solicitor?
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Cuz magic and sheeet.
He wanted to be a lawyer but for some reason he decide that killing isis would be better
Because in modern society being a hero means killing women and children in middle east instead of helping them

Surrogator would have been fine too

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Has there ever been a more hideous artstyle in anime?
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Don't post Ping Pong in this thread or i won't be your friend anymore
>friendship ended with anon
>tripfags are my best friend now
Fairy Tail has a horrible artstyle

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