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>spends 700 chapters making use of shadow clones in various ways

>using them to do paper work/boring business is for some reason out of the question
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They needed to force drama somehow
If he uses 700 shadow clones that make boring work, once they dissipate, he'll experience the boredom having done boring work 700 times, making him die from boredom in ways unimaginable that even the most disillusioned sarariman committing suicide would still look like a softie.
What if he just uses one.

It's 2017 and Adachi is more right now than ever before.
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God bless Adachi. Better than that politician in P5 anyway.
I agree. Adachi was the hero we need.
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Did Adachi have so cool of a fight as this one though ?

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Why is this goofy manga so endearing
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Because you're twelve.
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Chrome managed to win my heart over already, he and senkuu's interactions are hilarious.

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>You will never be blood-thirsty Jewish anime girl

Why live?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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yfw when someone only saw the anime and didn't read the manga.

god damn anime plebes.
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I like cartoons, not comic books. Sorry to disappoint.
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clean if anyone wants to use it
It is embarrassing having to share a board with animefags

We all watched anime as children but sometimes you gotta grow up and learn to read

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Why are hardening quirks so common?
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Because males make up a significant portion of the population.
why are electric powers so common with black people

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we can all agree that this anime not only was the anime of the season, but the anime of the year so far
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Willem turns into a beast and everyone lives happy ever after.
Besides Kutori she's dead
Cthulhu a shit
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It was pretty good. But not the best this season.
Aots goes to the fags.

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it's true i am a goddess.jpg
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I know Aqua is a trash goddess but is there a reason why the people of the Axis Cult are such shit people beyond Aqua herself.

People of the Eris faith from what we see are genuinely better people all things considered.

Is it meant to be a reflection of the gods/goddess how the followers are?
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I mean, why not? The goddess creates her belief system, and can intervene directly if they're going too far away from it. A trash belief system from a trash goddess likely will have trash followers.
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spurdo axis.png
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This shit won't have any connection to R3 right? Because I can't watch another second of this
>gypsy camp
>fucking centaur knightmare
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How would we know?

We warned you.

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Sorry about the delay, new schedule and what have you. Er, not that there was anything I could actually do about it.

Anyhow, time for Chapter 2 (finally) of Star Wars: Lost Stars: Ciena Bullying
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Oh, and no imgur albums this time because I'm on Chinese hotel wifi but mostly because I'm lazy
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So page 3 is uploaded but is apparently invisible. So hopefully this shows up.

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Is Castlevania a/ or /co? I mean it is animated by Japs, but it's written by a Brit.
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If you have to ask you should always stay on whichever board it is that isn't /a/
Isn't it animated by canadians?
So like Tekkonkinkreet? Sure.

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>the greatest CGDCT ever was directed by a cute girl

What does this mean?
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Ume-sensei didn't direct Hidamari Sketch silly~
Greatest isekai was also directed by a girl.
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>there are people on this board RIGHT now who believed the humans were the monsters here
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I am not against humans and nonhumans coexisting together but there's a saying that is true. If one side refuses to coexist with the other side and try to kill the other one, we exterminate the belligerent one. The Shiki were in the wrong.
I see it as a struggle between two different predators. It was like sharks whining that the dolphins are are fighting back.
They are monsters
But they're justifiable monsters

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Let's have a cultured discussion.
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Both girls are attractive, and although I'm sure that I would have fun with Asuka, I'm also sure that her tsun side would annoy me to the point where I wouldn't want to be around her any more very quickly.

Terminal sameface syndrome
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I have no idea who these people are. I guess the old guy is Mikhail(sp?) and the young guy is Drake?
Andromeda seems to be the notCase Blue.
Journalist Arc

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