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For ever best girl
Better than Eromanga for sure.
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What kind of Reminder?

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pomf =3
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Parco Folgore!
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Hey Hey lets dance all day Boing Boing

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We'll all be dead before these finish.
where is my PSG S2 you lazy shits
I'm not even sure Gaianx will make it to 2020.

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this shit is ridiculous

in the beginning it was at least interesting to see how light would beat l. but after they tortured misa it turned into a complete shit fest

i mean most of those shit wouldn't be accepted in a court of law

and the scene w/ the dad pretending he's gonna kill light
you could see by miles that shit was fake

and none of the police officers would dare to question l.'s line of thought even thought there were no explanations to the murders except "he can kill by distance"
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Stop pretending the plot was ever coherent to begin with, most of L's deductions are questionable to put it lightly.
The only difference is that in the first Arc you had at least Light and L shenanigans to keep you interested, without that the show is just bad and the same kind of edgy you'd get in Elfen Lied.
>in the beginning it was at least interesting
You mean like when L told the entire world his plan of narrowing down Kira and how he knows his region now? Yeah that was a really smart move, nevermind he would've won in 2 weeks if he never announced that
and light would've never being suspected if he hadn't killed the fbi agent in the first place

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Episode 2 preview

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Also soon

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>mfw Re-Zero was the last anime that had great shitposting fuel
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What about Kememe Friends?
Neither had much influence outside of their shitty generals. The last anime that provided real shitposting fuel were the ones with the retarded hamster and then shitania.
Literally chatting out of your ass.

Rezero would have dozens of threads every Sunday shitting on Subaru for being retarded and then when episode 19 came and rem gave a 20 minute confession all for subaru to say he still loves emilia the board went apeshit on baiting fags

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Why didn't he revive Jiraiya? Madara told Obito that Nagato was supposed to revive him, so there's obviously not a time limit after which you can't revive people.
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They explained it. Kabuto couldn't find a blood sample of Jiraiya and his body was deep underneath the water, so he had no time to get it.
If he did, Jiraiya would just have come to life at the bottom of the ocean and immediately died from the intense pressure

>Caulifla SSB
>Vegeta thrown out for some idiotic reason (Yardrat maybe)
>Hit hard nerf
>Most of the main cast used as Jiren jobbers
>Roshi lasting longer than Vegeta
>Freeza taking care of the fodder and losing his first major fight
>U2 and U3 being worthless, even though they're right behind U11 in mortal rank

Feel free to add more
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If Caulifla turns SSB, the SJWs have won.
>Still whining about mortal rank.

Christ, super has the dumbest fanbase
A literal fuckton of reused animation by this shit show that happens to be pulling in the most money this decade

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Fuck, i miss World Trigger.
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Is time to move on anon, Ashihara is dead

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This is a banana thread, post bananas or face her wrath.
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what about some tasty carrots? they're like bananas but with cuter colour!
nice digits

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Next Granblue season will be yuribait about DJ won't it?
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Yes after 12 episodes of boring plot with male MC
No, I demand 10 episodes out of the 12 to be about the homoknights.

Fujos go away.

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It's been a long time but new chapter is here.
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Cool thanks.

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Highschool DXD is great and Kuroka is best.
These are undebatable facts.
You might not like it, but it's the truth.
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Kuroka's great, but she's no Rias

and she sure as hell aint Rossweisse.
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Seconded for BIG FAT CAT TATS!

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weaponised autism was outlawed by the Geneva convention for a reason
You have to think outside the box, a megacorp wouldn't think about taping a phone to a microwave and putting bananas inside.
Serendipity is a bitch

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