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What is her cup size?
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G for Galko
F for fictionnal.
B for bags of salty coins and malk

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>your powers are become lame
What a shocking development.

subs are out
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3 fucking weeks for the final episode
What the hell?
And it's still gonna look like shit
Are you surprised? The studio is almost dead.
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japanese belial.png
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Belial is cure

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>173 cm
>roughly 40 kg
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No fucking way shes that tall

ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!
She would lift you up and find things to bend you over and fuck

>took away the cat inflection
>made him a nigger
>gave him ghetto sounding lines

Could they have made it worse if they tried?
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To be fair nigger Nyanta is hilarious and the best part of the shitty dub.

Also, >watching dubs
When did that get a dub, and do you have an example of his voice.
>To be fair nigger Nyanta is hilarious and the best part of the shitty dub.

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When it hapenned? Why do people hates when "ships" are mentioned?

Pic related is awful, had potential yes, but you can always rely on Kishi to let you down. Nowadays tough people seem to hate any kind of romance especially with main characters even if it's nicely done by competent writers.

Are there any couples/romance you ACTUALLY like in Shonen/Seinen?
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I don't hate Romance in Shonen, I hate Bad Romance in Shonen. Pic related is a fine example. For 300 something chapters, Naruto did not give one shit about Hinata and then him lifting her hand followed by a movie is the equivalent of waving around in neon lights 'Look, they like each other now fall in love and get married.'

The only possible redeeming factor is that it gave Yuki Kuwahara something to do for a while.
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What's your take of good romance in shonen? For me FMA and Gintama have one of the best couples on the market.

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Ban losing his loli, escanor being friend zoned and the curse that melidas and elizabeth have to endure hit me in the feels. On the plus side king with diane is intensifying plus the battles going to be hectic in the next few chapters
Honestly think this is much better than bnha it's over hyped, would rather see this get a second season
It's coming apparently.

Also spoilers for new chapter are up. Pelliot is back briefly and we.re getting some demon on demon action.

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What's the FIRST (1) thing that comes to mind when you see a picture of Chino?
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My wife
Want to fuck
That's a nice outfit.

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This new season looks like hot garbage. There's nothing worth watching. Except Aho Girl.
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>There's nothing worth watching. Except Aho Girl.
>Aho Girl
Threads like this appears every season
And every season they are right

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Post anime/mangas that completely appealed to your fetish and others try to guess what your fettish is

I'll start with an easy one
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Nanatsu no Taizai
I wish the guy who translated the last six chapters would upload them somewhere. They disappeared from 4chan within a day.
big girls

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Did he deserve it?
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Homosexuals always deserve it
Terashit deserves to be bullied.

He deserved a happy ending with his boyfriend.

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>It has been 40 years since Love Lab aired
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Time flies.
When you're a faggot
I wish we could get great yuri anime more often

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Karen is best girl!
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Karen was a proud Brexit supporter!
I liked how in the show they always said "England" rather than UK.
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True! Karen is best!

Now we have the spinoff

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Some early for an anime.
Sure for next year.
Why didn't they add porn into the game.

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SoL adaptation when?
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The upcoming drama CD is as close as it gets
Pic unrelated
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There is SoL manga now, but it's not highschool or anything...Just fun times in fantasy Australia!

I could see Konosuba getting its own Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu. It's perfectly possible.

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