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After all these years, Spice and Wolf is finally announced! Who hype here?
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>Implying anyone will watch anything but the next season of TLR
Call me when Rito finally grows the balls to fuck Momo

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Horimiya has been shit lately but this was really good chapter
>Bullying crying Hori
>Manga confirms that they're regularly fucking
>Hori is a pathetic masochistic shit

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Why is hori so obsessed with Miyamura fucking dudes? She practically views Miyamura fucking girls like a Chad would view their girlfriend fucking girls.
I agree completely. I've been bored by the last few chapters, but this one was fantastic. I like how freaking out because she said she missed her period was treated as just another gag. In other manga it would be a huge source of drama for an entire arc. Or just not brought up because they haven't even kissed yet.
I won't believe they are having sex until have concrete prof. Remember this is the guy who think he could have periods too

Why does he jerk off here and how does he do it while standing?
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He pulled out his dick and fapped. What part of this is evading you?
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That's just you desu senpai. You should get that checked out.
just gotta practice man. I had a similar issue with certain positions, but if you just go for it you'll be able to do it after a while. Or just do it when you're really backed up. you can usually get hard and cum from any position then.

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Sorry, Machi.
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RIP Chiakers, I almost threw up watching this
That smile didn't need saving. The despair is much more satisfying.

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What the fuck did I just read?

No seriously what was that ending?
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We don't have time for you.
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The popular interpretation is that those things at the top are stars. Killy walked across the entire solar system and reached the end of the city. The sphere reacted, the child with net gene terminals was born, and Killy may finally bring an end to this architectural nightmare.
Don't rely on this tl;dr, it gets several things wrong.

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does /a/ have any unconventional waifus?
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You just posted her.
My waifu is a background character that died in a 10 years old anime, does that count as unconventional?

also the storeowner was a qt

Hey Watanuki, wat up nigga?

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Does anyone else move subs closer to the center of the screen to avoid playing constant eye ping pong? It let's you follow what's happening way better.

>webm related

Seriously, I fully understand why many people will take the dub instead, it's because they want to WATCH the anime, not read it. I wish the people who did the subs placed them more like a manga, so for example if a character is speaking then hover the subs by their face, making your eyes naturally follow to the relevant on screen place.

Also, does there happen to be any anime where this has actually been done?
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No, because I sit far enough away from my screen that I can see all of it at once.
This is the most retarded thing I've seen in a while, and we are on /a/.

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Are you manwhores, /a/nons?
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if i wear boxer briefs does that make me half a manwhore?

It'd make you lewd, but not a slut, so...yeah.
Boxers are the best tho.

You gotta be a manchild if you wear other stuff that isn't boxers, like trousers.

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Chapter's out.
Sensei best girl.
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>Scum squad chapter
Life is good
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>on break next month
Life is not worth living
It wouldn't be that bad if this was a continuation of the story and not just an extra/side chapter
>when they stopped the guy from fucking
>just because the faggot mc can't fuck either
uncool. Iori has no right after blowing the opportunity with turboslut.

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Post your lewd webms
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Waste 'em.webm
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It's lewd
If brutality is your fetish
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I want to give Kanna a __________.
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Foot massage.

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Who is the best Yukino?
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I don't know desu, but bottom right corner girl looks cute
If my memory doesn't let me down I only know Yukino Yujinoshita. She is a good girl.
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the teeth girl (Miyazawa Yukino)

ITT: Post things that anime or manga taught you that you later learned were false.

I'll start.
>natto tastes bad
>lesbians have interesting stories to tell and are not horrible people deserving of corrective rape and enslavement, if not immolation
>you can't actually run faster if you put your hands behind your back in a straight angle
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Are you ok?
It CAN be helped.
That op isn't a retard

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