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ITT: bully material
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You wouldn't bully the future ruler of hell, the Princess of Darkness, would you?
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Everyone does it

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If you could have your way, how would Guts kill / deal with Griffith?
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Guts will get pulled down to Hell for some reason, and while that happens, the Band of the Hawk's souls from that Hell portal thing will drag Griffith down and he will have flashbacks to all his memories of the Band of the Hawk and cry and shit as he gets pulled down.
That will be pretty cool. I do recall Miura saying that Berserk is not going to have a purely tragic ending so I can't see Guts being taken to hell.

Unless he wants to go there to be with all his friends.
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Cowboy Bebop

What is /a/ opinion on History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi?
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good mango
stupid but consistent in it's logic
ending was shit
good hype stuff, good fights, characters, sometimes too much fanservice when its not needed in parts but it is what it is.

Shame it got canceled so the author had to hurry up and wrap everything up, Most of the bad guys didn't even got defeated.

It had potential, but after the tournament arc it just sort of meandered a bit (Outside of the Salary Man's arc) until the author got the call to wrap it up within a a ridiculously short time period.

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Murata is streaming. Slipping-on-shit Sonic makes an appearance again
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Garoufags on suicide watch
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Who is this
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>dubbed anime
Why do American VAs always sound so dull and boring? Do they not have any range, are they even properly trained?
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>implying all dubs are bad
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Think about who watches dubbed anime. Weebs, and even then only a small subset of weebs. Funimation and the likes can hire actually good VAs to appeal to an utterly marginal audience, or they can hire run-of-the-mill ones and pocket more profits. Which do you think sounds smarter?

Good VAs do American animation, mostly for Disney and Dreamworks and the like. Sometimes the stars align and you get a great anime dub, but
1. that's the exception rather than the rule
2. that usually happens for anime that have some kind of normie appeal. The two posts above prove my point: Hetalia is fujoshit barely anyone even among anime enthousiasts watches, while Space Dandy is more or less in the same category as Cowboy Bebop (or at least tries to be).
Japanese animation dubbing is kind of like Christian contemporary music. It's a niece appeal fanbase and they take whatever they can get even tho a large percentage of the base considers doing it an act of sacrilege. The other thing it has in common is that if you're good enough to get out of it you get the fuck out and don't look back. Katy Perry

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Ok, now with anime announced, let's decide who will be best possible Takagi.
Here are already two proposed candidates by producers:
>Emiri Katou

>Rie Takahashi

Make your vote here:

Also in all videos, Nishikata is voiced by Soma Saito. Is he good choice?

If you have different options, express them below.
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God damn, they both sound like shit.
What would be your choice then?
Rie Kugimiya desu

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why not? His descent into madness was good
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You can really tell when some people don't understand the hidden context of the movie when they don't believe Tetsuo is a well-written character.

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smug anime 2018.jpg
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>Manga 'Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san' Receives TV Anime Adaptation
'Bout fucking time.
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A new age of loli, this time with shota.
The smuggest animation ever put to paper.
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Did you like it?
Because i did, Sanakan was too cute.
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Overall, yea, sure. Especially considering that frame interpolation works somewhat.

I know that hand-drawn series that follows the manga fairly closely will never happen, so I take what I can.
Yeah it was great, cant wait for the sequel
Same, i don't know how much money did they spent but i hope it was profitable enough to make a sequel.

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who is the least likable anime protagonist?
pic related
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99% of all harem MCs

they're all equally shit.
OP and his life.

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Aoba is for ______
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When you wear nerve gear and have sex while diving, your real body gets aroused too right? And if you cum in game, you cum IRL.
So when Kirito and Asuna were on the honeymoon banging 24/7, her family witnessed their daughter repeatedly orgasm, and had they wanted to, they had the means to check all other players and find out who keeps cumming with her, revealing she's being nailed by Kirito. Nevermind her family actually, why the hell did Sugou not do that? He could've taken off Kirito's nerve gear and killed him then and there, instead of getting fucked half a season later.
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>Implying they can feasibly check up on 6000 players to see who's having an orgasm
>implying hospitals would allow complete strangers to check up on a random patient who could be killed just by having a helmet removed
>implying Sugou wouldn't be charged with murder if he removed Kirito's helmet anyways.
Just imagine Kirito lying unconsciously in a puddle of his own cum while having that nerve gear on.
And Suguha bathing in it

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I don't watch Dragonball Super, but I imagine those are shit subs. He probably actually said he doesn't feel like a hero/savior.
>I've never been aware of saving it

>guys we have to stop King Piccolo
>guys we have to stop Raditz
>guys we have to stop Vegeta and Nappa
>guys we have to stop Freiza
>guys we have to stop the Androids
>guys we have to stop Cell

What a load of shit.
Ehh i think it was something like what >>159512336 said but yea Goku, at least from the perspective that Toriyama wanted to give us was never meant to be heroic by any means, just kind-hearted, naive, retard with some other anime archetypes mixed in.

Why didn't they let him kill the squids?
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I think you should rewatch the show.
they were considered god like way back and now it's considered a taboo.
Because the squid were people

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what is the appeal of big foreheads?
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Foreheads grew as the brains grew. When you look at our ancestors, they didn't have much in the form of foreheads at all.
Now you might as yourself, what's the appeal of brains? Sure, we conquered the Earth with the power of THINKING, but then, was it really worth it?
Wouldn't it have been better to remain on the trees and live happily alongside the chimpanzees?
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alien propaganda
they are dumb and unsexy

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