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does /a like dominant girls?
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I can't get off to anything other than videos of preteen girls getting vaginally penetrated in some of the most explicit ways these days.
Not much but I could be Esdeath's toilet.
i want esdeath to fuck my ass.

>double pay wall to watch shows with exclusive streaming rights
>having to wait till the end of the season/series to release for muh bulk watching
Can these two just fuck off and leave anime alone?
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What did Netflix do?
If they buy out the whole market I'll just start working on my backlog until they figure out simulcasting and subscription structures.
No, we have to wait for Amazon and Netflix to crush Funimation and Crunchyroll into the ground.

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You know, Doga Kobo is generally my favorite studio for moe SoL and I really like the genre, but am I the only one that thinks this is painfully uninteresting, I like the animations but everyone seems so innocent or they feel like they are just there, this might be the first time I dislike something by this studio in the moe SoL genre, do you think it'll get better in the next episodes /a/?
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No, I dropped it on the second episode. It was "cute" and nothing else. The jokes are predictable and stale, the characters are cookie cutter boring crap you've seen thousands time before to the point you can easily foresee how are they going to act/respond. There's no soul in this project, from the writing point of view.
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I'm gonna give another episode a try since I really like the studio but holy hell they made Yuru Yuri and GabDrop, even Hidan no Aria AA got me hooked, I tought they were supposed to be better at this
It's pretty good. I don't know what you faggots are on about.

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I want to spoil and protect a cute blind girl!
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This episode is too cute. I'm not sure how much more my heart can take.
I want to protect Satania from the real demon
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Satania a best. A BEST.

Gabu a shit. A SHIT.

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How would you avoid getting caught if you had the Death Note?
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Stop writing everyones names like an autist?
Just set things up so that people are dying at all hours of the day all over the world. You can keep it up indefinitely with no chance of getting caught.
you would never get caught, you only get caught due to plotarmor fag

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You know (what) to do.

>Boku no Hero Mode: You can't use any normal tropes unless you attempt to deconstruct them
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Arthur from pbs but all the characters are loli versions of themselves.
Nothing else changes.
tom and jerry but they both have DBZ powers
I had written out something that I had a dream about the other day, but it was too edgy and cringey to post. I don't think I should write.

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What was the first isekai? or proto-isekai?
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Magic Knights of Rayearth did it better, Isekai was originally a Shoujo genre.
Ask Twain
In animu? Aura Battler Dunbine (1983) is the oldest I'm aware of.

But of course there are much older antecedents in books and probably mythology too.

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>Great manga artists were the topic of Charapedia’s latest fan poll! 10,000 fans participating in the poll and voted for a variety of modern and retro artists. A majority of the artists chosen worked on shounen manga, but there are a couple of seinen and josei artists.

>Here are the top 20 choices!

1. Hideaki Sorachi – Gintama (773 votes)
2. Eiichiro Oda – One Piece (549 votes)
3. Sui Ishida – Tokyo Ghoul (539 votes)
4. Haruichi Furudate – Haikyuu!! (516 votes)
5. Yana Toboso – Black Butler (389 votes)
6. Gosho Aoyama – Detective Conan (375 votes)
7. Masashi Kishimoto – Naruto (373 votes)
8. Hiromu Arakawa – FMA (316 votes)
9. Hiro Mashima – Fairy Tail (285 votes)
10. Hajime Isayama – SnK (254 votes)
11. Harukawa35 – Bungou Stray Dogs (236 votes)
12. Yoshihiro Togashi – Hunter x Hunter (230 votes)
13. Hirohiko Araki – JoJo (228 votes)
14. Kouhei Horikoshi – Boku no Hero Academia (218 votes)
15. Rumiko Takahashi – InuYasha (194 votes)
16. Akira Toriyama – Dragon Ball (187 votes)
17. Kazuya Minekura – Saiyuki (147 votes)
18. Suzuki Nakaba – Nanatsu no Taizai (145 votes)
19. Yuki Midorikawa – Natsume’s Book of Friends (135 votes)
20. Akira Amano – Reborn! (129 votes)

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I can't even remotely begin to comprehend how this list came to be. It looks like a popularity contest to some extent, and at the same time it doesn't.
Fujoshis were a mistake
Akira Amano should be higher

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Is this the most well written protagonist of the decade?
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He's shit even by today's standards anon
The cringe is too strong for me I can't bear it.

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What is deadlier, Truck-kun or the Japanese Cold?
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Jesus Christ, that's terrifying. I would say Truck-kun as he would follow you to the end of the earth, though there is a chance you would get teleported to an rpg-style fantasy world. Japanese cold kills to fast but you will die in bed and stay dead.
I feel like a lot of characters get the Japanese Cold, but few, if any, actually get killed by it.
Truck-kun is a ravenous monster, however.
a japanese refrigerated truck

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New Eureka Seven Hi - Evolution 1 teaser
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Ao fucked up so much that the only way to progress the story now is to go backward...
BONES is infamous for fucking up sequels to their own originals. But what about prequels? Anyone expectations for the 1st Summer of Love?

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What is it about translating manga that makes people into complete manchildren?

>New character appears in a manga, instead of writing his actual name as it is, MS shits a fanfictional "translation" of his name.

Not only is MS dude completely wrong when comparing translating dialogue to character names, but the translation he is defending is also incorrect.
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>scanlator drama in comments sections
No one fucking cares, discuss it on whatever shithole of a site that is.
So what was the actual name and how did they translate it?
Just like that satanophany thing a while ago, these people just like to have power over others.

How would it have gone differently, /a/?
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I want to be Shirou's servant.
Arthur would out-whiteknight Shirou and the rest would go the same
Don't know but it would have been better.

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I wish I could make good memories at a convenience store.
Also, did anyone pick this up or do we have to wait for fansubs?
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This hasn't aired yet right?
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It aired and there are torrents for the raws already.
masterani.me has it subbed already
It's pretty mediocre though desu senpai

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