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What the fuck is going on?

We can't report, and the entire catalog is filled with 3DPD porn, scat, rec threads and other forms of shitposting.

Are we being raided?
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el perro caca
>the entire catalog is filled with 3DPD porn, scat, rec threads and other forms of shitposting
>are we being raided
count 1+1 together my man
Nice reddid spacing

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Aoi Bungaku Series.png
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What three pieces of Japanese literature would you have for the second season?

My choices would be:
I Am a Cat-Natsume Soseki
The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea-Yukio Mishima
Kangaroo Notebook-Kobo Abe
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>I Am a Cat-Natsume Soseki

I didn't like the ending.

But who would voice the cat?
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I'm too uncultured to have read Japanese literature so they should adapt western stories next.

>airs during Fall
>4:36 minutes of PVs already out
>looks beautiful in every aspect
>most likely 2 cours
Is this gonna be the show of the year?

PV 1
PV 2
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Subs never.
has anyone here read the manga? Is it good?
More importantly, is it close to completion? Mangaupdates says there are 9 volumes already out, so i guess this is the case, but it's better to be sure
Anime announcement didn't say anything about the manga ending or complete adaptation but that news might drop later.
With 10 volumes 2 cours could be possible but it'd be pushing it a bit.

File: Akko.png (829KB, 980x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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>intense interest in a limited ammount of things
>compulsive behavior
>poor coordination
>inability to sense simple social cues
>overall socially awkward
Is Akko autistic?
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Is the Driver from drive autistic?
No it's probably just ADHD
No way. I'd never want to fuck an autist

File: IMG_20170706_093931.jpg (108KB, 644x910px)Image search: [Google]
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Something about the lower half looks off. It's like her legs suddenly shrink after they leave the skirt.
Yeah, she needs bigger thighs.

I want your opinions on this anime/manga and I want them now
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It's my favorite series of all time. Sera is the love of my life.
nice! mine too! and same, Sera is the best
Sera is obviously best, they should kill unicorn for her honestly.

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should i even bother ?
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Yes you should it's hilarious and is another example of why Togashi's a great author.
its togashi's smartest work, adaptation is pretty straightforward, excellent op and ed, decent voice acting in the subs
Show is funny as hell, give it a go.

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219KB, 1920x1080px
Your thoughts on this series? I think it's better than HxH
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I love it, and its a timesless classic.
Hunter x Hunter is better
Botan best girl. Yusuke should have fucked her instead of all that melodrama shit with the other one

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Even after all these years, its intricate plot is still a masterpiece.
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One of if not the best harem ever made.
Still waiting for those fucking Assist-A-Roids.
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Luffyfags BTFO
>L-Leave Katakuri to m-
as expected.

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Why Clannad had to end like this
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Fuck off retard.
>posting wojak on /a/

enjoy you're ban
I never finished Clannad

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Isn't Lan the most based protag?

In the first two episodes alone he literally runs into a fire and saves best girl, jumps onto a speeding train, saves all the people there and stops the train.

Which is especially impressive considering how much his massive brass balls were dragging him down.
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He does a bunch of things in the games besides plugging his terminal and move his fingers. A courageous one indeed
It's true that rockman fought the viruses, but you have to admit it takes a lot of courage to jump into a speeding train and to go into a fire, twice.
> stops a missle from destroying Japan.
> Saves his father and mother from an armed hostage situation
> best net battler ever
> beats an adult down to the ground and tells him how awful their life is and how they are living it incorrectly.
> Stops a net virus that would of destroyed all of cyberspace.
> Saves his friends including annoying girl and best girl dozens of times.
> Ran through an operating drill in a cave that was collapsing and disabled it just to save a not so bad person.

He's pretty cool.

File: PicsArt_07-06-06.29.29.png (797KB, 750x1061px)Image search: [Google]
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Too much?
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What's with the "hang loose" hand symbol at the end?
No idea anon

More than one meaning.

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serveimage (1).jpg
140KB, 1280x720px
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After the third book is released.
File: ukazoku01a.jpg (87KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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When's that? I NEED my dose of Benten so bad.
File: 1491753032049.jpg (580KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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People say as soon as book 3 because Kyoto dosh, but the NHK interview with PA says they feel a lot of pressure for the second season to do better than S1 because of the city's investment.

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I don't get it. Why won't she just call the cops?
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She actually likes it and is just being a super tsundere.
Because porn doesn't have to make sense.

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