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what's her secret /a/?

or is she the best girl yet?

apart from Maho of course
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she has terminally ill grandparents, MC will surely give them some cure all panacea and leave on his pussy slaying journey once again.
thinking the same, it's a shame though she's a qt
200K annual income? She is loaded!

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So, he is Stain, right?
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Is that story canon?
>stain easily handling the avengers
He is SlainĀ“s sidekick, Slain-boy.

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A believing meme is your magic.jpg
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Come on people, LWA threads can't die like this, we need'em to see Bento's progress.
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They can.
>LWA thread
>some kind of cancerous meme as OP
You know even if the threads die Bento would just post the comic on their twitter?

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A cute.png
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W-what will happen next /a/?
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something, hopefully.
I'm hoping for more volleyball.
A happy end, but I hope author will stop dragging shit out.

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Perfect live action anime adaptations don't exi
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t. Nigger
>needs arm rests
this will either be hilariously bad or just plain bad, i hope you can get some chuckles out of it

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They're growing up and becoming better people as the story progresses.
Cause all anime characters should be white according to the japs

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What was his fucking problem?
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He leave humanity behind
Demons and angel scum.
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>His motivation.
Demons are dicks, angels are retards with nuclear-grade weaponry.
>His problem.
He forgot that humans are dicks too, which is why we've seen fat degenerates stuffing demons and trying to enslave what they assumed to be a human woman...in broad fucking daylight...in the middle of the street.
Always kill a traitor before an enemy.

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kizu 3 bluray comes 12.th of July, no?

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>Umaru S2
>Osomatsu S2
>Pop Team Epic

Fall this year looks more promising than Summer, right?
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Umaru literally drags the whole season into shit tier
Which is a fucking shame because I'm waiting Pop Team Epic since forever. Hoping they won't fuck up.
Umaru shouldn't be listed with those two. Outside of comedy it's got Kino S2 and Mahoutsukai no Yome. Fall actually looks very promising.

Are they making a joke about escort quests?
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Hard to remember the context after all this time, but might as well be, nice catch.
I wonder how Escort Quests would look like compared to escort Quests.

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Sometimes I question my sanity.
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>not doubting reality

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>for free
By showing up to an event?
I'll be dead by then.
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Hoping to get a reaction image thread going. Need to fill up my folder. Please and thank you!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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So whose genius idea was it to build Tokyo III on top of their super secret base, getting destroyed every few weeks costing billions and billions of dollars (so like quintillions of yen) each time and probably tens of thousands of human lives? It was just more efficient that normal plebs who have nothing to do with Nerv live and work on site in their skyscraper buildings that need to be rebuilt every time an Angel fires off a laser instead of just have those people essential to Nerv/SEELE live inside their armor plated egg fortress?
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I think it was Gerry Anderson's idea
puppet economy to keep all those idiots busy so they have a purpose while the world ends around them.
That's how Japanese economy works since the 40s.
You build a big city and let it get destroyed by a nuke or kaiju once finished.
That way the companies building the cities get fucking rich.
Economic growth Anon.

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Why can't Chihaya just have fun?
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Is Hibiki standing on a box?
I'd have some fun with her.

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