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Why was he such a senseless asshole with Saber. Why did she just take it? The super utilitarian who'll make everything he did all right when he saves his 6 billion couldn't suck it up for a week and use his best weapon effectively?

>he hates what happened to her in the legend and her for going along with it

This goes way beyond that. Was it just because the narrative says Saber had to get bullied left and right?
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Because Saber is shit.
Your fecal matter
He saw her as just a tool that would disappear in a couple of weeks, so he saw no point in getting attached to it.
He also always had distrust in anything of magical nature.

>Was it just because the narrative says Saber had to get bullied left and right?
But yeah basically this. Saber states in the VN she only spoke to Kerry three times so they had to keep it like that.

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Can we all just agree that she is best girl of 2017?
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I don't like the color combination. Her hair change should have been more subtle.
Kill me
best anime of 2017.

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Why is this man the greatest character/villain ever?
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He's not even the greatest villain in his own series
Go away dubs, Toguro is shit compared to Sensui. Name a more well written character that actually WON.
He isn't.

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Who would make the best sounding Takagi?
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i don't think it fits her at all but i want sawashiro teasing
Sawashiro's mature voice is too old and her young voice is too young.

Easy Ayaneru.
how many minutes a week do you think it'll be?

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Welcome /a/, please take a seat and confess thy anime sins

Bleach is my favourite shonen
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I loved Concrete Revolutio
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I started watching Revolutionary Girl Utena. I watched up to episode 25. That was 4 years ago.
I think all anime nowadays is bad.

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The great debate
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All shit
Naruto >>> bleach >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> one piece

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Land of waves are had the perfect "powerlevel", back when hand signs mattered and you could still beat someone with creativity and cleverness rather than who had the better eugenics.
God the way powerlevels grew I bet himawari could kill this guy on accident.
If Kakashi's Sharingan could detect the Water Clone the first time and copy it, why didn't it detect it the second time Zabuza did it?

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Do people in Japan still play twister or is it just an excuse for fanservice?
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Because they did it in Dragon Maid and Shitsensei likes to recycle cheap fanservice from other media.
Seems like more of a western thing, so usually seems like just an excuse to put in fanservice
>kyoanus licker thinking kyoanus it's any relevant in recent trends when it is indeed several years behind on everyone else

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Catfag? We know it's you. Trying to gather some new followers eh? Now that's scummy.

You were gay to begin with.
Only Homos by birth feel attracted to that homo

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Dumping the new raw chapter.
Some good thiccness but also some drama.
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can we all agree that this nigger faggot only deserves pain and suffering?
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Fuck him
Griffith is dogshit.
>White as milk
>I'll give you that...

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Do you really think this cute elf needs to lose weight?
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Elfs who can get fat clearly are genetically impaired and need to cleansed out of the pool immediately.
I think she is perfect as she is.
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We all know it's coming...

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6 years ago today, first episode Mawaru Penguindrum aired. Time sure flies.


I hope you've been well, Penguinbros.
Seizon senryaku!
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>6 years.
Damn, Still one of my favorite times on /a/ and the show was just immaculate.

God bless Kanba, The real hero.
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>6 years ago
I still have my Koizumi+Esmeralda folder.
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Penguin #2 eating spiked ball.jpg
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Weird ass shit anime, but the OST was pure gold.

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Reminder that kabaneri is getting a S2 and you're favorite anime isn't hahahah
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Reminder that I want to fuck this delicious habanero 'loli'.
I didn't even watch S1, but if it means this semen demon getting more porn you can have more five seasons for all I care.

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>manga gets anime adaptation
>main girl voice is nothing like the manga
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Manga wouldn't have a voice. I think you mean the voice is nothing like how you imagined while reading the manga.
Hate that shit
>>voice is nothing like the manga
You talking about speaking patterns, right?
If you aren't, you're not fit for existence.

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