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It was Arland alright: http://desuarchive.org/a/thread/159188521/
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Break my heart
Dies irae anime is suppose to be done by Artland.\

Is Dies irae cancelled then?
what the fuck? Anime is dead

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Can we give a hand to all the worst girls out there? Worst girls have an important job too as without worst girls there can be no best girls.
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They're both shit.
haruna a cute
But Louise is best girl.

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Is this the face of someone who deserves to suffer until the end of the series?

How can you not be 100% behind Miura's decision to make Berserk less dark and edgy? Guts has earned his peace.
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The plot demands it.
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>be reading this
>having a good time
>reach the part where guts and caska fug
>dad literally walks in

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Why are lazy girls a best?
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No, the girls that pick up after their lazy asses are
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Nah, their caretakers.
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I didn't like it.
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I liked it.
That's fine, I'm okay with others having different opinions.
K, do you want a cookie or someting?

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What do you expect from him ?
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First for Astolfo
Absolutely nothing
>Episode 2 preview


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Other than the known cast of:
Kino: Aoi Yuuki
Hermes: Soma Saitou

Announced are the additional casts of:
Shizu: Yuuichirou Umehara
Riku: Kenichirou Matsuda
Ti: Ayane Sakura
Master: Lynn
Assistant: Kazuyuki Okitsu
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>Kino: Aoi Yuuki

She was the little girl that died in the volcano town in the first anime.

She literally grew up to become Kino. It's like pottery.

Also, Aoi Yuuki has a huge range. You might know her from only her screeching voice characters, but her deep tomboy voice suits Kino just fine.
Because she loves the series and I guess the director just went with it. She also worked in it before too.

was this really necessary?
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Utaha a shit.
Megumi a best.
Without such things the show would be weighed down by Eriri drama.

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Have you ever heard voice acting so shit that you can even tell in Japanese?

Pic so related. Holy fuck
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Ruined the show for me desu. I couldn't focus on the episode after a certain point and don't think I'll continue onto episode 2. At least there's still the manga.
Fuck man I'm just gonna try and get used to it. Probably gonna end up dropping the show if it still pisses me off by episode 3.
I don't know. Is her voice this awful in the manga?

It's Tsukasa's birthday and she's crying! Quick, cheer her up!
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poor girl
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Name one anime worse than Jungle de Ikou.
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Eiken 1.webm
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Jungle de Ikou is a fucking classic. Here's another great classic.
I'm sure you have a thought-out and well-reasoned argument for why it's the worst anime ever.

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Why do people like this little shit? He's literally the stereotypical school bully. Is modern society so fucked that they sympathise more with bullies than with victims?
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You can like the character without liking the actual person. As a character, he does a good job not to be unidimentional, and has many subtleties in his personality to be interesting enough.
Japanese girls think he's hot

Japanese guys see him as an escapist self-insert who kicks ass and doesn't give a fuck

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If you're gonna make an anime about people making anime, the least you could is make the shit they're working on interesting. Remind me how this was AOTY again?
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But muh cute gurls

Why does /a/ hate them?
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Boring samefag template direction and butchered adaptations.
>/a/ is full of Kyoaniggers
>Kyoaniggers hate Shaft
That's why.
I do like most of their shows, but I have to admit that as an animation studio they are a bunch of jews who try to cut costs everywhere.

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The Breaker.jpg
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Why are the girls in this shit so goddamn hot?

And i thought Air gear chicks were hottest.
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Sera > All
Too bad the story and fights are shit
Cuz they are korean, anon

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