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>static shots of completely dead environments with not a single moment of real motion
>murky blue-gray imagery hiding any visual invention in indecipherable aesthetic, every image the same as the last
>bible-quoting musings to hit that apocalyptic check
>inhuman robot characters with no emotion throughout
>absurd soundtrack with pretensions of excitement, meditation, imminence and gravity
>the lamest sex-birth metaphor I've seen in fucking years

The only advantage is that the actual movie is only an hour long
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>abused prodigy child pianist meets pixie dreamgirl who teaches him to love life again

What an original plot.
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Name one other anime with the same plot

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suffering in moe
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>onii-chan rapes his imouto, imouto let's him fuck her hoping one day he'll revert back to how he's used to be
>girl wants to become an idol, get conned into doing AV

Finally a manga that I can enjoy
AV is some kind of porn involving many dicks without protection? There's no reason to read it otherwise.
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This series saddens me. I know the rapey sex/exploitation stuff is a pretty cheap writing trick to get an emotional response from the reader, but man do I get pissed. I just want the cute little girls to have realistic, adult problems that don't involve it

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Let's start this thread with Best Girl
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Red Riot and Pinkie vs This giant villain when?
Mina gets screen time
oh boy
It´s a flashback though, I hope this means that she will get screentime on the present soon.

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Rock N´Roll!
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Lotte a cute

mod will probably delete one of the threads
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I find amusing the fact that Lotte became such a big deal after the show ended.

That Trigger pannel sure was something.
what did they mention that made her interesting?

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Most attractive middle schooler Nenecchi.
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Nene is one sexy little bitch.
I will fucking riot if they don't up her fanservice soon.
We get it, Kou is such a perfect, tall, beautiful woman, now could we get something from the others too?
Neneshit is Neneshit

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How many more Volumes of this literal whos?
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>I die to show Zeke is bad
>Armin and Eren on the beach, circa 855

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Post romance anime where the male protag isn't a wet noodle or self insert fantasy.
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Well Kagome sure it
any shows aimed at fujos
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Few more days until Kizu 3. How long do you think we'll wait for subs?
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Not long at all anon, the source material is translated already so it should be just a matter of how lines will match and proper timing, probably 3 days at most.
Who else is gonna rewatch the first two when it comes out
Still waiting for Kizu 2 to be translated so Kizu 3 never

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What exactly we're they thinking? Who thought this was a good idea?
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I actually liked Near and Light got the ending he deserved
The author after the editor wanted it to run longer and L was already dead.
I hate how the anime made Light's death more sympathetic

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It finally happened, your waifu galko is pleasing old men for money
You can't change the nature of a gal
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Galko isn't a whore!!!
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How much for a nigh?

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Which Kinmoza would be the best fuck?
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he is so cute.

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>Decide to watch an anime i watched like over 10 years ago.
>Barely remember the plot and characters but i remember thinking it was funny.

>Watch it again.
>Its not that funny and acualy kinda disturbing and offensive at times.
>Realize just how my tastes in anime ware way less refined back then.

Anyone else had this happen to them?
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my taste was refined even 10 years ago, that says nothing about the anime you watched but more about you.
>acualy kinda disturbing and offensive
Let me guess, you went to college.
Nah, usually when I rewatch something I remember as being good it's still good after all the years. Maybe my taste is just as shit as it's always been. It's pretty nice to know that if I love a show that I've watched recently then in about 5 years I'll be able to rewatch it as if I was watching for the first time.

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Everyone gets BTFO: the chapter. English Scans delayed. Korean Scans here:
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>English Scans delayed
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second for best girl will fly in and save everyone
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Tohsaka Rin is such a BABE
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You wouldn't stand a chance with her because you are all beta faggots who watch anime.

Shirou on the other hand is ALPHA APEX PREDATOR.
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Not as hot as Attila.

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