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What the fuck went wrong?
Truly the worst decade in anime.
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10s > 00s > 90s > 70s > 80s
Roux looks much better in that style. Also:

90s > 00s > 70s > 80s > 10s

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Just marathoned the first season of this and caught up with the manga. Is this series considered a classic in Japan? Because it's really good.
Season 2 when? Is this even a possibility at this point?
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S2 aired a few years ago, but was pulled for "overtly racist undertones". The BDs were never released.
That doesn't even make sense
>but was pulled for "overtly racist undertones".

Wow. Didn't know this.

Is this for real?

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Just like Rem



so cute

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Did you relate to Punpun?
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>Love Hina
Good taste
Someone born after Love Hina started would be old enough to vote now

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>Anime opening is sung in butchered 'English' with Japanese accent
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Do nips think this is cool or some shit?
stupid madhouse
>Japs try to speak German
Shits hilarious, they should stick to the only European language they don't sound retarded in; Spanish.

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What the hell kind of name is "Wank-o"?
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You know exactly what kind of a name it is.
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The best girl kind of name.
She wants to wan wan.

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say something nice about this series, /a/-kun
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Rukia deserved happiness
If you sort the name by alphabet, you get ABCEHL.
Tatsuki is really cool

Orihime the beautiful

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Since the anime is now airing does this mean the manga will become popular?

Where the fuck is the author even going with this series? Centaur no Nayami thread.
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Nice, Satantan. I hope he only has a vague endgame in mind, because I want this wild ride to go on.
Have you seen what happened in untranslated chapters? Shit got pretty crazy.
crazier than head crabs, androids and random isekai?

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>"Hey Anon, I just picked up these new high-tech condoms. Care to try some out with me?"
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No way, fag.

Wouldn't she weigh like 400lbs?
Why would a cybord need that?
Cyber aides from CIAniggers

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So /a/ under what circumstances did you first watch anime?
Did you stumble upon it in your early years on the internet?

Heres mine
>be 9 or 10 years old
>saw my dad on the weekends only at the time cuz lol single moms suck
>dad says i need to watch something super cool
>turns on Ghost in a Shell
>i thought it was cool as shit
>would start watching anime with my dad regularly from that day onward

Anyone else have similar stories?
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Jesus no wonder she left him.
Syndicated episodes of Sailor Moon that aired at 5 am on weekdays. I had to get up really early in the morning and sneak downstairs to watch it. Good times.
>be 12
>internet friend sent me a link
>"omg just watch this show"
>Even though it was shit, I enjoyed it thoroughly
>looked up like shows
>watched Majikoi
>the spiral into unhygenic weaboo started
And here I am

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Shows only (You) remember and like.
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OP pic not related.
Was low-key hoping for more doujins.
I enjoyed it too. I liked that they stuck with it and did not find a way to turn him human or make him able to communicate with others. I wish more time was given to his story and less time to the shining blonds bullshit

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Will she blow up after Made in Abyss?
She's really good but I fear she will not because she's not a looker.
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Several non-lookers took off because of that one career launchpad, e.g. Minami Tsuda, Rierii.

I don't believe Made in Abyss is the breakaway title for her.
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As long as she has the voice of an angel, that's good enough for me (pic related). Don't really care what she looks like.
Made in Abyss is shit, it's not gonna be a break away title for anyone.

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It has now been one year since Danganronpa 3 started to air, so why not post some of your favorite moments in and outside of the series while it was running?
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Best Girl
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>favorite moments
i think you mean favorite meme
My favorite moments outside of the series while it was running was all the time I didn't waste while not watching it.

They should have made DR3 a game.

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>/a/ wants you to believe there were no ulterior motives behind this dialogue

Really, guys?
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No, /a/ thinks this doesn't belong here
/co/ you have like two or three decent shows every year and you feel the need to foist one of them on us?
Considering they speak japanese, use japanese animators it's not far fetched to say it's animation

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