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Jesus christ. This was a kid's show?
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At that point it was only for manchildren.
Yes, you pussy.


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Some people say that the quest to find perfection is a fruitless search with no end, that nothing perfect exists. For most of my life I agreed with them.
Until the day I started watching [email protected]
It was then I knew that they were all wrong. Perfection does exist, and her name is Iori Minase.
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MinASSe Iori
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Nothing on this earth can compare to the immaculate beauty and perfection of this idol.

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This is the worst voice acting i've heard. Why didn't the make this fanservice shorts like Ani Tore! instead?
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>i don't know the difference between sound mixing and voice acting and i love making bait threads on /a/
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I like this show
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best gril

I don't recall seeing cute characters before Sakura.
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Astro Boy was Moe af
>I don't recall seeing cute characters before Sakura.
I know this is bait, but I'm triggered anyway.

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I don't get the hype around this anime. It's not that funny. It's not historically accurate. There are no battles/they are shit, and even the politics aren't presented in an interesting way. It's mostly just autists (especially the main) splerging over tea ceremonies and tea jars most of the time. Am I missing something?

The only interesting thing about it is how Nobunaga is portrayed as that bizarre maverick obsessed with exotic things like he kind of was. Do I really have to watch past 10 episodes for it to get better?
Is the manga much better?
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The anime was so bad the mangaka left the production.
Is the manga better then?
I still can't see how this story can be interesting but perhaps it's all the anime's fault.
its starts kinda slow but i really liked it because over the course of the show I went from hating most of the characters to liking most of them. I also went from hating this op to enjoying it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVULv9jIlI4

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Why do people call Yui autistic when she's pretty much the exact opposite of a person with autism?
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because she's pretty autistic
Because austism lost it's meaning ages ago.

Just like edge/edgy and literally.
Both of those have a more specific meaning than "autism" on 4chan

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Please protect this smile
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I'd rather protect this one.
but how?
i cant believe the movie didnt expand on their love interest past the whole "i lub the moon" scene

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Is Emoji getting NTR'd?
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Emoji is creepy.

Why doesn't she leave Tomoko alone?
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Emoji isn't creepy, she's a maiden in love
birds of a feather flock together

Imagine this was you in real life.
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If I was that alpha I wouldn't be on /a/ in the first place. Also I would not settle for a shit girl like Murano
I did it irl
I saw kids ganging up on a pup. I just said "Stop that" got between them, let the pup run away, then I walked away too.

There was no discussion. The body language was enough. I just hope they did not try to chase the pup again after I was away
That's cool and all but are you really Shinichi-kun?

ITT: Mangas that are really fucking good but you hardly hear anyone mention ever
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The better an anime/manga, the less /a/ talks about it.
We've gone over this many times.
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goat survival manga
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how does it feel.jpg
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That's sad.

Most evil antagonist in all anime?
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considering goku and vegeta just killed a whole universe...
They asked for it

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This manga makes me feel very disgusted, but I can't stop reading it. Anyone else?
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Faceless helmet MCs is a hard fetish to satisfy. We take what we can get, don't feel bad about it.
Reminder that you can even see it from the thumbnail.
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im sorry me no good with the internets

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ITT: 9/10 MCs
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You need to post one in order to start off the thread
Already did
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Fine I'll do it

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Can Rei only feel/react to physical pain???

She smiled once but that was literally only because shinji commanded her to...

Please don't reference the rebuilds
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Don't you remember the scene where Asuka hit her for being so lifeless and annoying?
a slap doesn't exactly cause excruciating pain
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>this smile wasn't genuine

Nig are you serious rn? You think she faked it?

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Why do japs have such shit taste in anime? I was reading a bunch of male character polls from various magazines and shit like Kira Yamato, Emiya Shirou and Kirito were consistently top 10. Don't even get me started on the female rankings. It's pleb shit all the way.
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All popularity rankings will inevitably be pleb shit. There is no way around that. Pleb shit is defined as what most people know. And things that are better known just get more hits in popularity polls. It's inevitable.
The only way to avoid it is to make sure that everyone who gets polled knows every single anime on the poll.
>not liking jesus yamato and best boy Shirou
Kill yourself.
Kira ain't got shit on onii-sama.

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