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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>159311452
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Requesting Tessou wearing a pillar of hats (front cap, side cap to lef, side cap to righ and cap back) using glasses upside down, potato chip duck and one eye closed doing a w pose.

More wacky than this can't exist.
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Noire Team Rocket.png
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Requesting Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia dressed in Jessie's Team Rocket outfit from Pokemon. Give her a smug face and maybe have her hands on her hips.

Have her also wearing similar earrings as Jessie, just make them blue instead of green.

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I love tamago...
Do you like tamago...?
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i love my wife, Yazawa Nico
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How can Maru combine cute, sexy and pure so well?

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When does a magical girl stops being a magical girl? ACE can't save the world from evil enemies for all eternity.
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magical hoku.jpg
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ACE is not a magical girl.
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Magical girls are fueled by gayness. If she stops being gay she will also stop being a magical girl.
You can't be straight if there are no boys in your anime.

>fantasy world people know how to use chopsticks
Into the shit bin it goes.
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you shat into a bin? Don't you got something called toilet in your home?
Do you even compost?
>people are lapping it up because muh comfy

my sides

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Precure thread
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I love Bib.
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We all do!
I pray for her happiness.

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Why she playing games with OPM?
I want to steal her melonpan.

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AOTS right here, fellas
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Best girl.
Best girl (male).

Astolfo is the 3rd worst thing to happen in the fate universe

Happy 4th of July to all the American Anime girls
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Slutty Iowa is better
Today's my birthday too.

Would you be willing to live with a cute Steppe waifu?
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I don't wanna get SLAV'd
You do realize Kaoru Mori literally never does anything on the darker side? We're 99% going to stick to happy marriage stories
Only if they were 2D.
And yet the looming threat of Russians is growing ever closer.

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Anime only you watched.
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>she has the ability to grant people luck and make them win

A casino would never hire her...

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According to the Dengeki Bunko Magazine N° 56, Kamachi is writing the original work of Railgun for its tenth anniversary.

No date yet.

All pics: http://imgur.com/a/HKW57

Pics from:
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I wish this series would just end already.
It's 'not' Railgun Short Stories its pure Light Novel
(could be series? We don't know)

So why is Team Fatgum the best?
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No females.
is there an episode this week
Why has Kirishima gotten so much spotlight lately? I'm not complaining, it just seems strange.

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Best beast.
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Togashi is an absolute madman.
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What do you think tsriednietzsches reaction to seeing his nen beast will be?

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The dancing super sexy and extremely hot idle Juri. Gracias, tsumari arigatou.

>[Mezashite] Aikatsu Stars! - 063 [1230383C].mkv

Also subs are out.
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I'm gonna marry her!
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I will marry her first though.
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Is being cool and spicy idle?

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Annie did literally nothing wrong
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First for Based Captain Rico

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